Reborn as the Underdog First Prince, so I’ll Dominate With My Game Knowledge


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Todd, the first prince of the Kingdom of Rynsgaya, possesses memories from his previous life. Realizing that he is the “pushover” destined for a catastrophic end in the hardcore simulation game “Augustus: The Supreme Throne” from his past life, Todd uses his gaming knowledge to change the future. He develops weapons, secures talent, and even mediates sibling conflicts, one by one breaking the flags of destruction. The abrasive prince, aiming beyond even the true ending, seeks a conclusion that will finally bring him redemption!

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I reincarnated as fall guy first prince, I'll unleash unrivaled power with my gaming knowledge
Kamaseinuna daiichiōji ni tensei shitanode, gēmu chishiki de musō suru
かませ犬な第一王子に転生したので, ゲーム知識で無双する
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12/22/23 gadgetized panda... v1c2 part3
12/18/23 gadgetized panda... v1c2 part2
12/15/23 gadgetized panda... v1c2 part1
12/01/23 gadgetized panda... v1c1 part3
11/20/23 gadgetized panda... v1c1 part2
11/19/23 gadgetized panda... v1c1 part1
11/18/23 gadgetized panda... v1 prologue
11/18/23 gadgetized panda... v1 illustrations
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