Rebirth Before the Return of Spiritual Energy, Investing in the Future Empress!


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Before the return of spiritual energy and the awakening of all races, Ye Xuan died on the battlefield and unexpectedly returned to twenty years ago.

At this moment, before the returned of spiritual energy, the future lofty Red Lotus Empress was still just a simple and helpless little girl.
Ye Xuan seized the opportunity, deceiving the yet-to-awaken school beauty and deskmate Empress to become his wife, holding her in the palm of his hand, spoiling her to the skies!

A month later, when the spiritual energy returned, the school beauty awakened an SSS-class talent, skyrocketing to fame!

Passerby: You have SSS-grade talent, Ye Xuan is not worthy of you!
Red Lotus Empress: Get lost! Ye Xuan is my man, whoever touches him dies!

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New PPpupu rated it
May 9, 2024
Status: --
Good concept that could have been interesting, but everything is 'tell, not show' laziness.

It suffers from the problem of every other system/LitRPG story where instead of character growth, the MC does something irrelevant and gets +1 to his stats. Instead of using his memory and wits to figure out the best path forward, his systems tells him about everything that is going to happen to the future.

The MC is also kind of a scumbag who feels no guilt over taking advantage of a child. That's par for the course for... more>> reincarnation novels though. <<less
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