Princess Bibliophile


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The book-loving Lady Elianna is Prince Christopher’s fiancée in name.

One fateful day, she witnessed the prince being affectionate towards a girl he was rumoured to be in a relationship with! Elianna believed that her engagement with the Prince would be annulled, now that a woman who loved the Prince had appeared…

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The Bibliophile Princess
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The Noble Girl Who Had Her Engagement Broken Off, Today as Well Pushes the Prince off from the Tower (2)
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Loosergirl rated it
August 2, 2019
Status: v1c1 part1
Recently, the manga adaption of this novel has begun to be translated by Secret Land Castle. The manga version is still a bit ahead and you can find it with a simple Google search.

The plot is similar to other Japanese shoujo novels. The main character is a noble daughter engaged with the prince. A rival girl appears and the main character notice how the prince seem to favor her.

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According to commenters of the manga version, it's all a misunderstanding. The prince is only trying to protect the main character from the scheming vixen.


The rival girl tries to make the main character look like a bully, following clichéed methods.

Five stars because I can't get enough of isekai shoujo stories, and this one is pretty good if you enjoy this genre. <<less
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