Picking up a Furball, After 10 Years


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A story about a man picking up a mofumofu furball that was left by the roadside and took care of it, after 10 years have passed, it changed into a mofumofu girl, then became a mofumofu bride.

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Kedama wo Hirotte 10 nen Tattara
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03/22/18 KuruKuru Translation ss 2
03/22/18 KuruKuru Translation ss 1
02/26/18 KuruKuru Translation c3
02/26/18 KuruKuru Translation c2
02/26/18 KuruKuru Translation c1
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KuRuuRuu rated it
February 27, 2018
Status: c3
I'm not good at review but I'll just leave my impression about this series as its translator.

I won't say this story is bad, but I can't say it's very good either. It's quite different than what I was expecting... The story was tagged "romance" and I expected a mofumofu story based on how much it used the word in the description, but yeah.. not much...... or maybe almost none... : (

It's more of a slice of life story of a magician and a cute little beastman. They finally faced a... more>> situation where they must straighten out the relationship between them two and then a happy end.

With what the author has been building towards the end, I felt that the ending is kind of silly... in the first place I think the reason for it is silly too though :s

Well since it's just a very short story, don't read it while thinking hard. <<less
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