Overpowered Broadcast System


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Opening a broken Taoist temple, he obtained an outdoor live broadcast system, so he started a live broadcast, picked lingzhi, raised falcons, showed operations, and when he turned back, he realized that the whole world was watching him.

Participating in “Life to Live”, the audience: “Is This anchor is cultivating to immortality?” Participating in “Follow Master Bay to Adventure”, the fans: “This is not adventure, this is a vacation!” Later a reporter interviewed him, “Fans say you know martial arts, is that true?” “I don’t know any martial arts.” Said a red bird flying over, he jumped from a high platform of more than ten meters with a leap ……

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jklm rated it
April 23, 2021
Status: c94
Not bad. A bit boring to be honest. MC is very OP very quickly (and he was pretty high spec even before he got the system). He has super good plot armor/protagonist halo.

His fans are pretty brain dead. They are so easily amazed. For some of the scenes it makes sense to be excited, but he also livestreams stuff like going for a run for over an hour. People have way better things to do than watch that.

Lots of cliches, not much conflict. It's like... OP slice of life? I... more>> will be a bit generous and give it 3 stars.

There was one aspect that annoyed me though:


While I wouldn't say the story is really harem, the MC is of course good looking and has many female admirers. They are relatively easy to ignore, but there was one that bothered me.

She is the classic sickly girl from a super rich family, and of course only the MC can cure her mysterious condition with his lost art of ancient chinese acupuncture. Forgetting about how this is an exaggeration of the abilities of acupuncture and her family is just trusting some guy from a livestream with medical treatment (this is a fantasy story), I really didn't like the way her medical treatment was sexualized.

Of course she has to be naked, they drone on and on about her skin, she is Very Bashful, the treatment makes her sweat (and gets her panties wet!), she has to be treated from the front too (and so she is blindfolded to make her less nervous? I would not be less nervous if someone blindfolded me during a medical treatment...). And to top it off, she needs multiple treatments and will have to stay at the MCs house for a few weeks.

Just ugh. : (


It's an okay time waster if you are in the mood. <<less
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sidhi rated it
April 16, 2021
Status: c21 part2
The story idea was great. And it was executed very well. The only thing that really puts me off is how extremely exaugurated it is. Every single thing the MC gets so much of unnecessary praise.

For this I dropped the story but if one doesn't mind it, then it is pretty good.
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