Otherworld Adventure of a Friendly Reincarnator


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Rui Sato, a good-natured man who will be retiring at the age of 60, dies in a car accident and is reincarnated into another world.

In the other world, there is the Central Continent, which is populated mainly by humans, the Green Continent, which is populated mainly by beastmen, and the Dragon Continent, which is populated by dragons.

When he begins his new life in the other world, he doesn’t understand the standards of the world and after repeated trial and error, he finally gets used to the new world.

With a revelation from the gods, you set out on a journey to meet the spirits and to find out which land is the best place for a person to live.

From the central continent to the rich green continent, and then to the majestic Dragon Continent, which he sees for the first time.

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A different world adventure of a reincarnated person
Ohitoyoshi tensei-sha no isekai boukentan
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xwhy rated it
March 4, 2022
Status: c5
very standard. Very chill. Very isekai. With only 5 chapters right now there's no crazy dramatics, no OP power-ups. Its similar to what I would imagine actually being sent to another world would be like. I want to see more but I also don't want to set my expectations too high.
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