Open a Street Stall and Sell Vigorously


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The earth has entered the era of aura recovery, and human beings have started their supernatural awakening!
Jiangnan suddenly awakened the strongest stall system.
Potion? Detoxification soybeans? Lucky cherries? In short of supply!
The world’s top gods, richest men, beautiful school girls, popular anchors, cold goddesses, and peak powers have all come to buy.
Jiangnan: “I’m not interested in making billions of dollars! I just want to pit… Uh, my wish is for world peace!”

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Strongest Stall System
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gegehehe8686 rated it
January 8, 2022
Status: c12
Edit: Reduced my rating to 3 stars. The last two chapters made me realize that the system and the MC are both more jerkish than I had thought. That's not always bad, but it takes more skill to write well than a more standard "good" main character. Unfortunately, the author doesn't appear to have that level of skill, so the system and the MC come off as unlikable a**holes.


Pretty good so far. It's a bit silly, so don't read it if you're looking for a serious minded story. The main... more>> character's system is partially based on earning resentment, which is a red flag to me, but so far it's been more funny resentment and not I-killed-your-parents-and-stole-your-wife type resentment.

The cover picture is totally misleading though. The MC went bald in the first or second chapter and the guy in the cover image has great hair. XD <<less
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SoulfreeNeko rated it
March 2, 2022
Status: c36
I have been fooled by the cover. The MC already became bald at the start and his behavior really does not sit well with me. I don't like those jerk-like MCs. Nonetheless, it is a similar type with the systems, space abilities, going from weak to strong etc. I did my best to continue reading but I can't feel a plot so far so I'm giving up.
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