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Yun is a novice MMO player who equipped only unpopular skills labelled as garbage. However, soon after the official launch of the game, the NPCs stopped selling Recovery Potions. Everyone finally started to notice the importance of Support Magic and Items. And that spells trouble for Yun as well as all the other support-based players. They received orders for recovery potion from endless flood of players en masse, some more aggressive players even go as far as forcing the support players to be their personal craftsman. In order to prevent this from going out of hands, all the support players grouped together to form a community to keep things in order.

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온리 센스 온라인
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kecskepasztor rated it
May 20, 2016
Status: v9 prologue
So, after some false starts (abandoning it at v3-v4) I managed to read it all the way till v8. A dead jellyfish has more spine then the MC. Seriously. The whole gender bender thing is unnecessary. There is no romance or anything like that. The whole point of it is to make a LN about girls doing things. It is so irritating that I just refer to the MC as a girl completely ignoring her as a boy. My next grievance is that a writer makes the MC make super... more>> things then leaves them half finished or ignores them. For example in the beginning she made an awesome ring for her big b**bed blacksmith friend and after hearing how awesome it is he stops doing it, so even at the end of v8 she still has a copper ring and nothing else. Same with different things. This shows me that the author only uses the VRMMO thing as a setting, but basically it could be any fantasy word where there is no conflict and where cute girls do cute things in cute outfits while having tea with cute animals eating cute cookies and watching some cute fairys' flying around.

In summation:

Only read Only Sense Online if you want some light shoujo LN that has absolutly nothing to do with VRMMOs.

2/5 for the concept of the game system. <<less
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Sherrynity rated it
June 10, 2017
Status: v10c2
For those who seek for action, thrill, harem shits, you-are-courting-death story etc; back off. This area is definitely off-limit for your taste.

Here, we have a fluffy-loving Goddess Yun-sama who will bring light to your filthy heart tainted by too much reading stories about spineless JP's MCs and "I love death so much" xianxia's MCs. This slice of life story is enough to incite your deepest gayness- **cough** I mean, your deepest desire to seek for fluffiness.

Give it a try, and if your heart feel healed, let's join the Church of Yun together.
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makenai89 rated it
October 16, 2015
Status: v3 epilogue
A feel-good read and unusual VRMMORPG novel. The main protag aims to enjoy the game, and as the reader we will feel as if we are enjoying the game along with him. Slow paced and minimal conflict though, so it can be boring for some, quite similar to Desumachi.
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May 20, 2016
Status: v9 prologue
Review as of Volume 9's Prologue.

As most below mentioned, it is a combination of moe (cute), slice of life, and VRMMORPG genres.

Main character gets transgendered by character calibration error, but when he wants to lodge a complaint, his elder sister blackmails him to keep the avatar, 'Because it's cute'. This particular twist is partly a running gag, and partly an odd artifact to the story.

As flitfish and Hayate mentioned, the MC is kind of a shoujo protagonist, in some ways. He's a very motherly character, cooks and does... more>> chores around the home (parents have never been shown, stated to be often working, elder sister lives attends college and live elsewhere, little sister is very tomboyish), likes cute things... And most importantly... Now barely react to other pretty girls.

Damn it.

Plot-wise, there isn't any. The game is basically sand-box and rather new so there is still a lot of explorations and new stuff to discover. Each volume often revolve around specific new events or uncovering a new system that has just been introduced.

One theme that is repeated is that OSO is to be played by your own personal taste, or Sense, thus Only Sense. Our main character does this to an absolute degree that most other characters often chides him/her for it, though now most have agreed that his/her choices do have worth.

Of course, in some ways, it can be considered that the main character has often needed to be dragged by the author's mouthpiece (the little sister, the elder sister, the best friend, or the crafter trio) into events and whatnot, so that he/she can showcase the specific combination of Senses that produce special effects. If left alone, Shun/Yun probably would either remain the workshop to experiment or to the field to gather materials, and ignore most events.

Nowadays, he/she can be rather easily manipulated into events by suggesting about crafting. Heh.

It's not a heart-pounding action or drama, and mostly involve about crafting and combining new things as well as cute girls (that the main character seem to have zero interest in, damn it) doing cute stuff... Also cute girls doing combat (that little sister is a gamer and combat maniac, most action scenes come from her PoVs).

There's a slight worry about the emotions and denials specific towards the male best friend though. <<less
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Mideris rated it
March 19, 2017
Status: v10
Unlike a few of the people who were dissatisfied with this light novel, I can happily say I am currently caught up. The hilarious point is the insistence some of the people who rated it poorly that the MC should keep doing certain things, but as seen in the Light Novel, a lot of strong tactics isn't the way Yun plays. Perhaps the most hilarious argument is that the gender bender aspect has no point, because there isn't romance. That's exactly what makes this Light Novel so good. Out of... more>> the many many many many many gender bender manga and light novels I've read, I can tell you the lack of romance is rare and actually beneficial to the story. My only complaint is the quality of the writing, which could be improved with an editor.

Only Sense Online is a good, light hearted story. The people hoping for tons of action and violence shouldn't be reading it, and that's the primary reason I can guess towards the poor ratings. I myself love stories like this. <<less
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endspell rated it
May 5, 2017
Status: v3c1
The premise was interesting and I honestly had high hopes for it but I'm honestly disappointed. OSO gets dull pretty early on, imo, because it lacks a clear aim. All he does in the game is craft, sell, buy, get broke, oooh fanservice! then rinse and repeat. I mean yes, the MC is playing at his own pace but there's really not much excitement which makes it feel like each chapter gets dragged on and on. I persevered to v3 but I can write that OSO is very... fluffy with... more>> lots of cute girls, cute pets and basically cute everything. I would recommend it to people who like a lighter atmosphere in the gaming category, I guess, but other than that I personally would look for something else. <<less
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ninthlite rated it
August 10, 2017
Status: v3
This novel has no plot, nor meaning. If you are reading hoping that the vrmmo elements prevail, look else where. This novel is about a spineless main character who gets gender bent in the game, who weakly accepts it, then gets their body treated like a playtoy by the rest of the girl cast. The main character is also unreasonably strong for the amount of effort and thought put in this game. The whole possibility of the MC being a strong player is only possible if no one else besides... more>> him even tried in the first place.

I might of not minded this story if it explored the fact that the MC is obviously transs*xual by the weak protest at becoming a girl, and the latter enjoyment of being a girl in the game. However this is just some weak sauce novel, that only is translated because readers like to turn their brains off and read about cute girls playing male dominated hobbies. <<less
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Allarielle rated it
January 12, 2017
Status: v8
As seen from the comments, this series is clearly not for everyone. It's a moe slice of life that happens to take place mostly inside a game. It has quite a lot of reference to gamer things, but I think it would be very accessible for non-gamers, as that aspect is both pretty limited and very well explained. Mostly it's about the character experimenting and enjoying cute and fluffy things while drinking tea and eating sweets. That being said, it is also completely adorable and well worth a shot.

As for... more>> the gender bender aspect: there are multiple ways to interpret the main character's gender. If you read them as a man trapped unfortunately in a girl's avatar, you're probably in for a bad time. In fact, if you read them as a man at all who in any way dislikes being seen as a woman, you're still probably in for a bad time, even if they do protest from time to time. They are more feminine, even in their real life, than the vast majority of real life women. As a trans woman myself, it was extremely easy for me to see myself in them, so interpreting them as a woman who just hasn't realized it (or admitted it) yet made the story into one with a huge amount of warm fuzzy feelings, and allowed me to interpret actions that other commenters were irritated by as being perfectly logical for the character. <<less
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mllhild rated it
June 24, 2016
Status: v9c2
So good that I used up all my free time for 3 days strait until I came to the last chapter.

A heat warming story with a cute main character. Playing my pace while also being very cute and

influencing a lot the other characters and game behavior without noticing and becoming rather famous


Translation quality is good.
Chapters are long
There is no central plot.
A pure-hearted MC
No visible numeric stats, its close to Skyrims leveling system
It focuses on crafting rather than action and so there are no long stretched tedious combat explanation.

I personally like Yun's character quite a lot, still a lot of commenters don't. So it is purely a question of taste.

Things you won't find here are romance, violence, real life troubles, a OP or pushy MC, harem or reverse-harem...

Even if its not the same style, if you like the novels translated by Oniichan yamete's then you should also like this one.
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justice41 rated it
July 31, 2018
Status: v11
Gender-bends are perfectly fine if handles carefully... but in this novel it serves no purpose than to self-insert a moe-blob scene and iterating shitty scenes.

MC is a man in real but becomes woman ig... OK.. but MC always says "I'm a man" yet his girl power beats every other f*cking girls, acts like a girl, looks like a girl, story is centered in his game avatar... WHAT'S the point of being man in real anyway!.


Anyways, I'm a hardcore MMORPG player and mainly built for crafting, support, smith, and merchant that's why I find the novel really fascinating even tho some game mechanics are missing (HOW COME people can easily go into your store and touch things. NO restrictions? THEFT insues)... And since the MC is also built in those chars. I can more or less relate but seriously...

after become a one-of-a-kind support (AoE Enchanter, Range DPS which is rare, Consumable tank) you still don't know why people want you in their guild / party?? Is your brain that small? And even more always saying "I'm a support / crafter. I'm not strong. Why me?" COZ YOU'RE A f*ckING SUPPORT! MORON

And the fact that our MC here is so f*cking ret*rd he almost beats Shirou (FSN UBW) to their chronic hero syndrome.... I get it you're kind and an all caring person... BUT SERIOUSLY

Giving away recipes nonchalantly, rushing in to help newbs when there's PKs and the cost-performance is greater, and an absolute ret*rd for always showing you're sense build. THE GAME IS TITLED 'ONLY SENSE ONLINE' and purposefully wants you to find your only and own build yet.... auuuugh.


Its such a waste that this novel is not being taken seriously with it's underlying narrative potential. It feels like a 10y/o author's self-insert fantasy, to back with a childish illustration really cements it. I can only give it a 3 at most even tho I liked the craft-ton infodumps and most of the time I'm just skimming through the boring fight scenes (author-san MC is crafter not front liner, why feature shitty fights). Maybe you can like it better than me.
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kaminism rated it
July 9, 2018
Status: v3c2
I give up, I'm dropping it. There's not much to be said that hasn't been stated already by the current review with the most likes, but here's my breakdown of the book as analytically and spoiler free is I can make it:

Story- 2/5 It suffers from typical LN issues such as pacing and overall story progression. As of volume 3, nothing seems to happen and yet so much time passes. There is a definite leveling of the MC, yet no story progress has been made for the most part.

Characters- 1/5... more>> This is really where I think that the books suffer- God I have no clue what the author was thinking when he wrote a single character in this entire series thus far. The MC, as stated by anyone with a negative opinion of the series as far as I can tell, is the weirdest character ever designed. He gets turned into a girl right off the bat in the game. This isn't actually an issue by itself, I think if applied correctly gender benders are pretty funny and can make for interesting character dynamics. However, our MC is not a gender bent character. No, he was a she from the start. The author has written what, in his mind, is a women, and had made her insist that she is a man throughout the entire series. God is it annoying. There is absolutely no purpose for this other than "LOLZ", or whatnot. I really wouldn't mind the whole scenario happened and was moved past- if the MC just went along with it- if he didn't obnoxiously mention that he was a dude every time it's mentioned. I get it, the author wants him to have a complex about his feminine face IRL or something, but, if that's the case, then how about this: HAVE HIM FIRMLY REJECT IT. He gets pushed around so much by every other character it's boring- he cannot physically raise his voice except for the moments when he has his "oh whoops I'm acting like a little girl" moments and he yelps or something. This relaxed adventure novel really needs for jokes aside from "oh hey I'm a guy but I'm really a girl". F*ck. I wrote wayyy too much on that topic but it needs to be said. Now, every other character is a 1D piece of cardboard that acts way too cartoony for my taste. Not much else to be said. I just wish the dialogue had at least a tad bit more effort put into it- it really would have salvaged the series as a whole I think.

Premise/setting: 5/5 Well, it's why I even picked this up in the first place. There is a genuinely interesting VRMMORPG world here and the main focus is on crafting and alchemy, which is something that I've been looking for for a long time.

Writing quality: 2.5/5 I think 50% is a fair score. The translation quality itself is just competent. There is no flair or flow to speak of throughout any passage, but it doesn't feel too clunky either. Like I stated earlier, good dialogue would have saved the series but interactions between characters feel manufactured and uncomfortable to read most of the time. Sadly, the combat is portrayed rather poorly and is not very enjoyable at all.

Art: 1/5 This is a largely irrelevant portion of the grading scale but God I cannot stand a single piece of artwork in the story itself. Ever single picture looks like something a college student who works on art in their free-time would make. The faces sometimes fall into the uncanny valley, proportions get f*cked up in any POV except portrait, and the artist seemingly hasn't developed a style of their own yet, so everything is painfully bland. However, the f*ckING SKETCHES in the back look much better, and I wish that that style was used far more than what's present.

TL;DR/Summary: As much of a bad light I was shining it under, these books do shine sometimes, albeit usually when the MC is alone in the woods researching. The main reason I kept the review spoiler-free was because I did get through 2 volumes and maybe this story is your cup of tea. I just think that everyone giving it a positive rating on here is doing it for the slice-of-life aspect, and the characters and dialogue are too Godawful to ever make this an enjoyable slice of life story. <<less
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tides rated it
November 13, 2017
Status: --
Good story but the worse MC ever.

I can stomach JP isekai MC but this one just turns me off. If you want to read about how much a person can be bullied, this one is for you because this MC doesn't break and takes in all the sewage.
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DarkD rated it
December 30, 2016
Status: v9c6
First of all, I'm fine with gender-bender. That's not what this review is about.

The reason I am giving this a lower score is because of the continuously degrading writing quality of the author who spends more time every volume dedicated to describing frivolous nonsense Yun does with other players. I'm referring to the tea parties of course. She spends entire chapters describing herself cooking sweets, preparing tea and then eating them with other people. Then the fluffy pets come out and they all describe how cute the pets are... more>> before once again describing everyone drinking more tea. Then they request some sweets to take home with them and spend at least half a page complimenting Yun on the quality of the sweets....

Originally, this series was about Yun, a gender-bent male turned female, succeeding with a skill selection that everyone thought of as useless. How Yun carved out a niche and started a successful shop with it. This part is interesting, but as the novel chugs forward, more and more of the novel becomes dedicated to long and descriptive sections about tea parties.... <<less
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Seraphim rated it
October 19, 2017
Status: v6 epilogue
The story is good and all. And I would have given it a ★★★★✩ or even ★★★★★ if not for the main character. If you want a main character that keeps on saying that he is a boy, yet gives no reason for anyone to believe he is one. And is a huge pushover in every sense of the word just for the lols, and one of the ultimate betas you'll see, then this is a good LN to waste your time on.

... more>>

I mean seriously. Sorry if I appear as the biggest s3xist in the world but being all cutesy with animal will not make you look like a man in the eyes of anyone. Almost crying over because your sweets was spoiled is not one either. At the same time, other than saying repeatedly, "I am a man." he doesn't give any evidence to support this. And it doesn't even help that he spoils his little sister and allows her to call him onee-chan for all to hear.

One time he acts manly is when facing a group of Player Killers who had his friends. In the first place, this is a game, did he really have to be all that dramatic as if they will die in real life? They can just log-out but nope, there must be some drama in a world where you don't die in real life and just lose half your gold when killed by a Player Killer. Those players are even newbies, why not let them experience it. They don't have money in the first place anyways. But welp, gotta save them, and spend three revival item in the process costing him MILLIONS OF GOLD. And just says, "It's fine." BAH! -_-

And to add more, it is that one time he had an "act of bravery" and yet is subjected to humiliation by wearing girly clothes as punishment for his recklessness. And he takes it like a little biish and goes all girly and blushy in front of all to see. In front of a STAGE, seen by THOUSANDS of PLAYERS. A man? I don't see one. I see a normal girl.

Lastly, fine, being afraid of ghost is valid for both genders. But getting into le*d lucky situation because of a GAME GHOST with his best friend, A MALE at that, and BLUSHES, IN FRONT OF EVERYBODY TO SEE, is just showing he is a girl. Period. If he was a man as he claims to be. He would've just scoffed it up and said "He bruh, stop touching my tiddies. Get your own tiddies, these are mine!" But nope, he just has to be that one girl in every harem protagonist that is in a le*d lucky situation. Doesn't really help him when he is surrounded by girls that is shipping him with his best friend since they thoroughly believe that he is a girl. And if I was in their shoes, I would think so too, even if he shows me a deek in real life.

Sometimes I wish the author goes full SAO and trap them in the game world. Or go New Gate style and send them into that world with NPCs being sentient. Then he gets to be a girl with his girl heart and soul. I feel like he was born with the wrong body. Just saying...

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tellmewhy rated it
September 6, 2017
Status: --
This is story about feminine guy who was more feminine than the girl. While he didnt want to be called girly, he is doing every girly thing everyday IRL and in game. Because he didnt want to be called girly even though he is actually totaly girly he complained a lot about it, but never put any effort to lessen his girly activity that make me frustrated about this MC and stopped reading this novel (not because of feminine MC but because of always whining mc). Relaxing slice of life... more>> story that was nice to read but with frustrating MC imo. <<less
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Blackrabbit0634 rated it
October 11, 2017
Status: v9 afterword
I really didn't come to read this expecting epic fighting since reading the novel description about MC being a support-based character so I wasn't really disappointed in anything.

The concept of the game is very amusing since the lvl of players & stats are more like hidden parameters and [senses]-build are better indication of character strength. I mean I know there are a lot of novels with detailing level and stats but in the long run it's just a drag to read since it's practically useless I mean there is this... more>> WN that is so annoying that the author calculates everything in a fight to the last number DPS-HP I mean it's like it a VRMMO but fighting like a turn-based rpg what are they robots? Sorry I digressed.

Although here the MC's sense-build are rather full-support at the start later on the MC starts to have a fighting sense (although it's just there for his sense build or material gathering). The MC is pretty much carefree and much more when he started his atelier. He is the very description of enjoying the game in his own way. Crafting & cooking is basically his hobby so don't expect any hot-blooded fighting for him he'd rather make items than fight a boss.

For the first time I wasn't turned off by the MC being a gender-bender (sorry but I generally don't like stories with gender-bend MC except for this). And for those expecting romance all I can say check the genre on Novelupdates and see if it's has a genre of romance or a tag with slow romance or subplot romance. Don't expect that just because the MC is male and there are female characters in the story it is automatically assumed there is romance.

This is a good lighthearted novel. MC goes from a noob that can't even fight into one of the best bow-user in the game (due to lack of bow-user). Though he is better in another sense of being in the production-class so there will be more crafting-related quest or just cooking (later volume). So don't start this novel and rate it one-star just because you don't like the theme, the MC is rather laid-back though others see him as spineless but I mean come on "IT'S JUST A GAME" this is not a CN or KN where there are players making millions out of the game which I from time to time think is s*upid, This is a VRMMO not a regular MMORPG at least he's more humane as he doesn't do mass-PK just to get his point across. And also would you go around the world telling your personal information or going door-to-door just so you can prove your male? I mean even social media account can be forged so your only option is to go to their house. Would you like reading a novel where the MC goes to a strangers house going Hey I'm the MC and I'm male ok, ok then bye. <<less
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BrotherofHavok rated it
September 18, 2016
Status: v7 afterword
A good light novel (LN) when you're more into interesting things and mechanics rather than actual combat. That being said there is combat, but I feel like the combat is clearly not the strong point of this LN. The creation of the gear, the disposable items, the importance of multiple roles and teamwork, that's where the LN stands strong.

Doesn't seem to do too much with the alternate-s*x in-game character, but I'm not sure if that is a bad thing.

If you're looking for an overpowered or action LN then you've come... more>> to the wrong place. But if you're looking for creations, experiments, summons, cute moments and plenty of friends hanging out and having fun then you've come to the right place. <<less
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Hayate rated it
April 26, 2016
Status: --
Reading it till latest chapter, this feels more like the author's self insert fantasy. He wants to write a 'cute girls doing cute things' kind of story with a VRMMORPG setting, but you cant have a male MC in stories about 'cute girls doing cute thing', so he makes MC changed into female, and got to do cute things along with other cute girls. Sure, there's other male character in there but they kind of looks like they're just there to fill the spot or to become the bad guy... more>> since online game without male is impossible.

So yeah, there will be no romance in a story about 'cute girls doing cute things', as they will go on an adventure or continue doing cute things

Just read this if you like watching cute girls crafting item and fighting monsters with other cute girls (and occasionally man) <<less
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flitfish rated it
April 16, 2016
Status: --
I usually enjoy slice of life and MMO novels. I figured a combination of them would be the best of both worlds! It is not. Plot remains intact but. Having some trouble liking the main character. He's fairly well fleshed. Generally a good person but there are times where he is ridiculously passive for the sake of moe and mediocre “haha, it’s funny because she’s actually a guy irl” humor. He is not a guy. If you ignore his occasional denials, he is 100000% shoujo heroine. 3/5. Read the... more>> first volume. Read the rest if you have nothing else to do with your time. <<less
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thenewattacker rated it
September 12, 2017
Status: v3c6
Only Sense Online was a very bland story. The reason it felt so bland was because I found the dialogue to be uninteresting. Most of the time, it felt like the characters go off-rails when talking or talk about something and never using most of the information they were just talking about. This gave the illusion of 'nothing happening'.

The MC is a girl with no backbone who is technically a boy in real life (the setting is that the MC is a guy that got genderbent into a girl but... more>> my wording makes more sense once you see her character interactions). This caused her to be pushed around by EVERYONE which annoyed me to no end, especially when combined with every dialogue feeling like its being dragged out due to the 'nothing happening' effect described above.

In conclusion, Only Sense Online was a bland and boring 'narrative'. However, if you are not looking for a 'narrative' but a Slice of Life story with static characters doing gaming things (farming, crafting, transactions, bosses), then this could be for you. However, be warned that what you see early on is what you get later on in terms of writing quality. <<less
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