Only I Know That This World Will Eventually Perish


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On his way home from work, Akira Ichijo encounters a Minotaur and is killed.

Then, Akira returns to the past —- and repeats this world again, which has changed into something extraordinary.

The world does not know yet. The world still doesn’t know that monsters have flooded this world.

The people still don’t know. The world does not yet know that its daily life has already been destroyed.

Only he knows that this world will eventually be destroyed.

This is a strong new game where you inherit your level, status, and skills.

This is the story of his desperate struggle to survive in a world where monsters have appeared.

Associated Names
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Kono Sekai ga Izure Horobu Koto o, Ore dake ga Shitteiru: Monster ga Arawareta Sekai de, Shi ni Modori Level Up
Kono Sekai ga Izure Horobu Koto wo, Ore dake ga Shitteiru
Only I know that the world will end
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Waka rated it
February 9, 2024
Status: c51
@magthefma4 I went to read the manga cause of your review, and I can tell you that it sucks! They made the manga way more generic with s*upid cliches and way worse characters.

They removed all the struggle's for the MC in the manga and it's way more s*upid. I don't like how you are giving the WN a low review because of the low quality manga adaptation you read, cause the WN is 10000X better there are not any of those problems in the WN and it is one of... more>> the best I've read.

Well for those problems key problems you made the first one (ch22 manga) isn't valid in the WN, and for the second one (ch44 manga) we'll just have to wait for the translation to catch up for me to see if it's valid in the WN. <<less
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