My Superpowers Refresh Every Week


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Chen Yuan discovered that his superpower would refresh once a week

In the first week, he noticed that every living being had a red number hanging over them, ranging from hundreds to thousands to tens of thousands. The smallest number he saw was on a teddy bear, with a number of 0.00001 on its head, and the next second, it was crushed by a large truck.

In the second week, he found that he could hear other people’s thoughts, uncontrollably. Whatever others were thinking, it would continuously flood into his mind, making him too afraid to go to public places like the subway or the mall. Moreover, he dared not look directly at the quiet girl with bangs and glasses sitting in the back seat…

Subsequently, he refreshed other special abilities such as “dream connection” and “body swapping.”

Several weeks later, his superpowers suddenly stopped updating. He lived peacefully for several days, thinking he was finally going back to a normal life. Just when he thought everything was going to be okay, a girl in a red dress standing under a ginkgo tree tilted her head at him and asked, “Can you see me?”

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My Superpower Refreshes Every Week
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Pandainbambooforest rated it
April 18, 2024
Status: --
The description of the novel is very intriguing and funny. And after reading the chapter, I thought of giving it a 4 star. Instead, I gave it 3 stars, since it's hard to understand. As the flow of reading gets disrupted due to grammatical errors, I think some of the sentences are left incomplete before It was included in another para. I'm hoping that Translator-san would do something out of this.

if the mistakes are rectified, I think it would be fun to read this novel.

Well even though I suck at... more>> grammar, I still like to read stories or novels with the least error.

But still thank you Author-san and Translator-san for your hard work. Appreciate your efforts <<less
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