My Parents Gave Me a House So I Decided to Start a Marriage and My Childhood Friend Ran for It, so We Got Married and I Won in Life!


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“Takuya, I’m going to give you this house.”

“…… Eh?”

Muramatsu Takuya, a 25-year-old single salaryman, was suddenly told by his father on a certain holiday morning.

He was not sure if he could keep the house he was going to get from his father or not.
He is worried and comes up with a great idea.

“Let’s start looking for a marriage partner. ……”

He decided that if he had no partner, he should go to a place where he could meet someone.

The next day, while heading to a marriage counseling center, he happens to meet Oishi Miyu, a cool and beautiful childhood friend, for the first time in several years.
The two were happy to see each other again and reminisced, but when Takuya told her about his marriage hunting activities, Miyu’s behavior changed drastically..!

“I-if you’re going to get married, it’s got to be with me! If you’re looking for a marriage, it’s okay with me!”

A sweet romantic comedy that begins with marriage!

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