My Husband Is The Villain


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Lin Qingxu awoke to the startling realization that she had been transported into a book, assuming the role of the 18th cannon fodder destined to wed the future villain.

In this world, the antagonist possessed unrivaled magical prowess and a captivating countenance that bewitched all who beheld him, yet he led a mundane existence day by day. His relentless pursuit of the heroine led to constant clashes with the male protagonist, whom he secretly aided in ascending to godhood. Meanwhile, the heroine, buoyed by the male protagonist’s endeavors, triumphed over adversity with a joyful heart.

As a denizen of this fictional realm, Lin Qingxu only recalled her demise two years prior, just before her scheduled nuptials.

Lin Qingxu lamented, “I refuse to marry, I refuse to meet my end…”

To his astonishment, the villain responded with a reassuring smile, “Fear not, for you are the one I cherish above all.”

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