My Husband Caught Me Having an Affair


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“I’ll give you a chance to explain. Tell me.”

A scene of infidelity, with my husband in front of me and my affair behind me. If this were a play, I, reincarnated as the cheating wife, would be in the spotlight.

“I’ve been waiting for you to come, honey.”


“Arrest him. He’s a spy who tried to seduce me and steal the duchy’s secrets.”

This is going to be the best scene to overturn the worst.


Ethan, who has always neglected his wife, and Camille, who chose to have an affair out of thirst for affection. Now that I’ve changed my future and avoided being kicked out penniless, all that’s left is divorce. But my husband, who is supposed to welcome it,

“No divorce.”

I mean, we were never good enough, right? Wasn’t it a relationship that burned to ashes?

“Look me in the eye and tell me. Do you really have no heart?”

The sparks from the fire went in an unexpected direction.

“Let’s see now.”

As if it would flare up again at any moment.

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남편에게 외도 현장을 들켜버렸다
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