My Ghost Lover Is Too Annoying


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In front of the well-known Guangming Hospital was a florist selling both bouquets and shrouds. The seller sold flowers in the daytime to get money from the living people and undertook nether world business at night to get Yang Shou from the King of Hell. One light, a man was scared to death by a fierce ghost and followed the seller ever since. They together witnessed what ordinary folks could never imagine…

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AdalSaira rated it
November 27, 2021
Status: Completed
This is great, , good, , I really like the story 🥰

The romance is not slow and somewhat easygoing, , but after the confession chapter they are become more lovey dovey and I like it😌❤️❤️

Our shou is so cute and sunny, , the gong is cheap but they look really normal for me, , just ordinary people living their live as a ghost hunter and a ghost🤭👍

... more>> No drama or dog blood, , I really satisfied with dog food eventho this is only Shounen ai, , really there is no smut🥺😂

The conflict is about past time involving the army of undead but resolved in here quite privately, , as if the amazing picture I get from the description is useless in front of the protagonist🤐🤔

But oh well, I still like it.🤪

Lastly fyi, , I read this MTL not that website translation cause I am poor and don't have money, , 😬😦

Haha 🤣 <<less
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