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    41 Series 0 Comments 11106 Views 31 Follows Aug 3, 2021 hanjibub
    No Tags
    BL novels centered around the apocalypse with some of them having blessed with the presence of zombies lol
    79 Series 0 Comments 6424 Views 21 Follows Apr 9, 2021 NicholeNekko
    Zombies and boys, two of the most perfect things in one.... more>>
    100 Series 2 Comments 40527 Views 107 Follows Jan 23, 2021 JamaisVu13
    Exam Time, Going Off for now. I'll update the list later if there are new novels by then with same genre.... more>>
    63 Series 0 Comments 3111 Views 15 Follows Dec 11, 2020 Aachiin0914
    An infinite ongoing never ending cycle of survival games!!... more>>
    97 Series 0 Comments 5066 Views 22 Follows Nov 29, 2020 mlky
    No Tags
    Novels that haven't updated in years (it's an exaggeration, but it sure feels like it)... more>>
    42 Series 0 Comments 3393 Views 8 Follows Aug 18, 2020 Kari95
    These are a list of novels that I am currently waiting for the updates of the chapters. All of these are boy's love novel. Actually, most of this novels is found on flying lines app, some were so long so it takes time to wait, some are not even completed yet so waiting for someone to pick it up and wait again. ... more>>
    78 Series 0 Comments 87580 Views 114 Follows Aug 8, 2019 auraizen
    Every single BL (mlm) novel on NU that has a horror tag + others that may not be entirely horror but have aspects... more>>