My Big Pig Trotter Girlfriend


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“In love with straight guys is exhausting? It’s even more exhausting to be in love with the female version of Iron Lady Xie Erduo who’s intellectually superior! At a blind date event, the heir of the pickled vegetable factory, Pseudo Tyrant CEO, encountered the real academic tyrant who held top patents in her hands. Due to some indescribable/difficult to articulate/imaginative reasons, Pseudo Tyrant CEO embarked on his journey of pursuing the girl, which was of hellish difficulty.

Pseudo Tyrant CEO: “Look at that powerful cross on the water! If we get married in the future, I’ll book this lake and the church for our wedding!”

Real Academic Tyrant: “That’s too rough. You can even see the welding points, and besides, with that stress, it might not hold up over time.”

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My Girlfriend With Big Pig Hooves
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hunter09 rated it
April 19, 2024
Status: --
This is delightfully silly fun. It may appeal only to science geeks, but fortunately I happen to be one :D And I may have gone on a date or two that sounded like these... I never pepper-sprayed my dates though. Yet.
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