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Transmigrated into the world of American cinema and television, turning everything upside down.

I wanted to be a good person, so I was chased by the CIA, hunted down by the FBI, and pursued by the DHS…

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09/02/23 Hollywood Novels c30
09/01/23 Hollywood Novels c29
08/31/23 Hollywood Novels c28
08/30/23 Hollywood Novels c27
08/29/23 Hollywood Novels c26
08/28/23 Hollywood Novels c25
08/27/23 Hollywood Novels c24
08/26/23 Hollywood Novels c23
08/25/23 Hollywood Novels c22
08/24/23 Hollywood Novels c21
08/23/23 Hollywood Novels c20
08/22/23 Hollywood Novels c19
08/22/23 Hollywood Novels c18
08/21/23 Hollywood Novels c17
08/21/23 100times c16
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August 27, 2023
Status: c30
This is not a complex and intricate novel. The world building is very simple, it's about gangs fighting other gangs. The plot... its there but there is (so far) no overarching plot. Characters are just names and are one dimensional. It a typical Chinese power fantasy. But I like it, there is no bs or mind rot.
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