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Summoner, Although it may not seem like a powerful profession, but I firmly believe there is no such a thing as the most powerful profession, there are only powerful players, I am a Master Summoner, I have powerful Beast summons to accompany me, and fight with me, the bonds between us are strong and never loses to anyone, even in the face of a formidable enemy, we do not flinch. We fight till the last drop of blood is drained from our bodies.

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08/21/17 Gloomy Translations c12
08/12/17 Gloomy Translations c11
08/06/17 Gloomy Translations c10
08/04/17 Gloomy Translations c9
07/27/17 Gloomy Translations c8
07/24/17 Gloomy Translations c7
07/21/17 Gloomy Translations c6
07/18/17 Gloomy Translations c5
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07/12/17 Gloomy Translations c3
07/09/17 Gloomy Translations c2
07/07/17 Gloomy Translations c1
01/01/15 Void Translations c1-2
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Flufflebutter rated it
August 21, 2017
Status: c12
So I've noticed a lack of reviews for this story so I bit the bullet and finally decided to give this novel a shot.

And it can be summed up in one word:basic.

World building? Minimal

... more>> Stat system? Minimal

Mc? Forgettable.

Am I being harsh? Maybe but from the beginning, I knew this was going to be a wishfulfillment fic so a bland MC was expected.

But then comes the VR world. It's poorly thought out. Numbers are thrown in without any references for scale. The MC fights bosses like normal mobs and the exp system is sh*te.

Even one of those cookie cutter rrl novels is more fleshed out than this story. That's how basic everything was. There is like almost no detail, poor character interaction, no hook aside from the promise of op summons later on.

Will it improve in the future? Maybe but I wouldn't hold my breath <<less
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