Maou na Ano Ko to Murabito A


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The school is a training ground for people who become part of the Fantasy world. Unfortunately, very few people have <<Warrior>> or <<Wizard>> types of ‘Character’, a large majority of people can only become a <<Villager>>.

I, Satou, am also one of the <<Villagers>>. One day, I attracted the attention of a girl bearing the characteristics of a <<Maou>> – Ryuugamine Ouko. She is cute as well as nice and courteous, however, she will unexpectedly say “I really want to exterminate human kind” or other similar phrases. I really wish she could change a bit. I am also the childhood friend of a maddening and rebellious <<Hero>> – Hikarigaoka Tsubasa, a person who would always bring about trouble. She is a super beautiful girl. Whenever she thinks of something, she will recklessly and thoughtlessly advance forward…

As the person caught in the middle, what should I do?!

Associated Names
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Maou na Anoko to Murabito A
That Demon Lord Girl and Villager A
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Chou! Isekai Gakkyuu!! (1)

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07/26/15 noone2246 v1c4
07/01/15 noone2246 v1c3
01/17/15 noone2246 v1c2
11/23/14 noone2246 v1c1
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