Magician City


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The village closest to the sky, Moon Village. The world through the eyes of the nine-year-old Yu-ye was beautiful. His mom had left him as a child and his only family, his grandmother, also left to the stars, but he learns to stand alone. The neighbor grandpa’s breathing technique. And, the life that changed along with it. The voices others can’t hear and the secret of the blue string that others can’t see. The neighborhood is poor, but the people’s hearts are wealthy. Getting along with its people and creating a bond, the heartwarming story of Yu-ye becoming a true magician step by step.

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마법사의 도시
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CTDLegion rated it
August 7, 2017
Status: c1
Before heading to sleep for the night, I happened to check the 'latest series' page, and the synopsis of this novel caught my eye. It's not as cookie cutter or cliche as many other summaries, and the tone seems to tell of a world and characters that have been meticulously built by the author.

As of chapter one, this tone holds true. The world as far as I can tell is a modern day earth, at least at the time of the event in chapter one, but there is clearly more... more>> going on than meets the eye.

I don't read Chinese so I can't speak for accuracy, but the translation reads easier than most despite using more advanced English, which along with the content shows a particular eye for detail on both the translator's and the editor's part.

It's just the first chapter so everything is subject to change, but at the moment I have high hopes that this novel has a flushed out world filled with complete characters, and a story that many will enjoy amidst a plethora of mediocre pieces of writing.

Then again, that's what I'm always hoping for. <<less
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Nightrojan rated it
October 4, 2017
Status: c11
It's a story full of potential with a decent author, however I still don't know what kind of novel it will end up being as of chapter eleven. So far it's a sad somewhat emotional story with a hint of future martial skill in the MC. For now I'm giving it 5 stars, will return to add more information as the story proceeds.
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