Limits of Paradise


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In the quiet neighborhood of Hajung-ri, where darkness descends at ten o’clock, a haunted house rumored to have ghosts appearing for decades has transformed into a stylish café.

The enigmatic atmosphere encountered at the café led the owner to offer Tae-eun a cup of coffee without any charge.

Was that coffee the problem?

Since that day, Tae-eun has been tormented by scissors, trying to distance herself from the creepiness, but inevitably encounters the café owner, Ji Hyun-ho.

“Do you remember me, Noona?”

Hyun-ho appears in the nightmares tormenting her. Tae-eun finds herself drawn to the eerie dreams. They gradually become closer even in reality.

“Lately, you keep appearing in my dreams.”

Hyun-ho confesses that he dreams the same dreams as Tae-eun. Then, with a cute smirk, he suggests, “Want to try something out?”


“What we did in the dreams, do you want to try it in real life too?”

His red lips draw closer in her lowered gaze.

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낙원의 한계
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