Lies, Fraud, and Psychic Ability School


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The Heiberg National Training School for Psychics, where elite psychics from all over the country compete fiercely on a daily basis. Jin, a genius fraudster who passed the entrance exam despite being incompetent, meets Nina, a girl feared as the “Queen of Calamity”. In fact, she is also an incompetent who has been deceiving the people around her with her genius acting. The two, who share a secret, form an accomplice relationship in order to reach the top of the school, and trick elite psychics into their schemes. [If you and I work together, we can even deceive the world.] The ultimate “deception” adventure, with the best liars to enthrall you.

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Uso to Sagi to Inou Gakuen
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Latest Release

Date Group Release
02/19/24 PolterGlast v1 epilogue
02/15/24 PolterGlast v1c9 part2
02/12/24 PolterGlast v1c9 part1
02/08/24 PolterGlast v1c8 part3
02/05/24 PolterGlast v1c8 part2
02/01/24 PolterGlast v1c8 part1
01/29/24 PolterGlast v1c7
01/26/24 PolterGlast v1c6 part3
01/22/24 PolterGlast v1c6 part2
01/18/24 PolterGlast v1c6 part1
01/15/24 PolterGlast v1c5 part3
01/11/24 PolterGlast v1c5 part2
01/09/24 PolterGlast v1c5 part1
01/08/24 PolterGlast v1c4 part2
01/01/24 PolterGlast v1c4 part1
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