Leave the Last Bullet to Me


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This story is about love, brotherhood of army comrades and affection between family members. It truly records the experiences and mental state of the stubborn and rebellious “Little Zhuang”, a soldier of the Chinese special troop.

Some memories deliberately suppressed so as to be forgotten once surging, like a bullet hit the heart, would gush out with tears and blood.

Little Zhuang, 27 years old, sitting in front of the computer, recalled those dreamlike years: Old Gunner, Recruits Company, Reconnaissance Company, DogHead Brigade and Peacekeeping Force; Ying, Platoon Leader Chen, Company Commander Miao…

In this story, you can see the unforgettable love, charm, loyalty and honor of Chinese soldiers!

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Anna7 rated it
June 21, 2019
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The MC recalls his military life. I don’t think that Old Gunner will secretly beat MC at night, which is ignominious as for a prestigious figure like Old Gunner. After this fight, MC and Old Gunner will end their cold war. This is men’s problem-solving way.
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Lukas1020 rated it
May 23, 2019
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I am moved by this novel. This book is different from other military novels. It does not pay attention to the cruelty of military life or the brotherhood of comrades.


It also does not like some military novels that praises the modernization of army and the positive spirit of soldiers. In this work, I see an ordinary soldier’s life and dream. He shares his happiness and sorrow with us.

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