Knight Covered in Soot


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Rolf, the eldest son of the Baron family Buckman, was a very talented boy with both wisdom and courage. No one doubted his future, and he was loved by his fiancé Emily and his sister Felicia.

He did not neglect his efforts, and even though he was an investiture man of an aristocratic family, he earnestly practiced swordsmanship, dreaming of being appointed as a knight.

However, Rolf did not receive the magical power that he was supposed to receive at the age of fifteen. It was unusual and showed that they had been abandoned by the goddess. From that day on, Rolf was scorned.

On the contrary, his fiancé Emily was given the greatest magical power and was immediately appointed as a knight. She continued to believe that Rolf was a good person, but the surroundings were different.

Rolf abandoned by his family, the goddess, and the world here his story begins.

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New MungMan rated it
October 15, 2021
Status: c70
Completely predictable, mediocre, and unoriginal. This sort of story is really really common. Noble guy who is really hardworking and smart, is down on his luck because he lacks a special power. His peers like his fiance have the special power, and he is abandoned and treated like a choreboy. But he is really smart and knows tactics and stuff so he gets by, but he is always slighted and put down on others and insulted. It just keeps getting from bad to worse for him, he rarely has a... more>> victory and even when he does it doesn't actually mean anything.

Everyone treats him like crap, even the people that claim to like him. Like his fiance and sister are at higher positions than him, and like him a lot and keep wanting to be there for him, but they barely use their authority for his sake or put any sort of effort into helping him or making his miserable life easier. But despite that the writing is constantly making him out to be essential for everyone's survival and success, even when everyone puts their feet on his face (sometimes literally). I suppose we are supposed to admire his strength and perseverance. But I don't care because there's no point to it, it doesn't mean anything because there is no one or no cause to dedicate himself to aside from "wanting to be the best", which will never come for him because no one accepts him and without the special power there is no place in the world for him.

Its almost like misery p*rn. There are multiple web novels with this exact sort of premise and rarely are they good. <<less
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