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Everyone’s soul is a lonely planet,

I just gently landed on yours.

Yan Jiang woke up as a kitten that hatched from an egg.

The planet was empty, save for a thorn bush and a puppy.

This is the story of a kitten who embarked on a journey with his puppy knight.

It’s like a fairy tale.

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Hành Tinh Mèo Con
Little Cat Planet
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Hello3 rated it
July 29, 2022
Status: Completed
So I really wish there was someone who spoiled this in a way, or at least gave me more context on the sadness I was about to experience. There's a tragedy tag for a reason so do beware.

Obviously this story is very short so it is quite rushed. The story doesn't really have character building as this is basically a viewing of the past where the background of characters are glazed over. However, the story still has a proper plot and meaning that is very deep but at the same... more>> time vague. You're gonna be very confused of what's happening in the story and you won't understand until like the last chapter.

Now for the spoiler I wanted:

Okay so a character does die. Basically Yan Jiang is the rich eldest son of a wealthy family with a chronic heart disease. He has a younger brother named Yan Chi and a lover- Pei Qinghe. Yan Chi is actually Yan Jiang's half brother and the result of his father's affair. Their mother couldn't give birth to another child and Yan Jiang was sick so she brought in an illegitimate kid to raise. Obviously she abused him so Yan Chi grew up a bit twisted and has a brother complex (kinda) as he cares deeply for Yan Jiang while still (kinda) hating him because he has everything and is ignorant. Pei Qinghe's parents divorced and he lives with his mother and eventually gets a half brother who develops leukemia. His stepfather hates him and his mother prefers her new son. To get the money for his brother's treatment, his family basically sells him to the Yan family with a contract where he'll give his heart (since they have some rare blood and only he can donate) to Yan Jiang the moment he needs it. Until then, they'll give Pei Qinghe everything he and his family needs. Pei Qinghe decides to study abroad where Yan Jiang is (keep in mind Yan Jiang knows nothing about any of this) and gets close to him with the goal of hurting him. However, he falls in love instead and eventually their relationship is exposed when Pei Qinghe calls Yan Chi for help when Yan Jiang's condition gets worse. From there, the couple is separated and Yan Jiang's heart weakens as his brother is forcibly keeping him from his lover while Pei Qinghe and Yan Chi have a business war to fight for Yan Jiang. In the end, something happens and there is a car crash where Yan Chi is injured and Yan Jiang needs a new heart (I think all three were involved in the crash). While they're all on the brink of death, they're symbolized as a cat (YJ), wolf (PQH), and lion (YC) on planets. The planets tell Yan Jiang the true past of his brother and lover (as he didn't know anything before) and he forgives his brother and is forced to part from Pei Qinghe as when he wakes up, it's after the heart surgery. So yeah, Pei Qinghe died giving his heart to Yan Jiang and Yan Chi pulls through too (lmao didn't really care about the brother- he's pitiful but he separated love).


This made me cry and I was very emotional attached so only read when having sad bl vibes. <<less
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m0rph3uS rated it
October 24, 2022
Status: Completed
Where do I begin?

Oh yeah, perhaps I should start by reminding every reader to be mindful when looking for new novels to read because the tags hide knives, okay??? I was foolish enough to think because of the cutesy cute cover and the summary, this story would have a bright end despite the tragedy tag and I WAS ASTRONOMICALLY WRONG!! It was a tragic, bittersweet end to a story that begun quite lovely.

Plot wise, I'd give it a 4.5 because it had so much more potential but was limited by... more>> how short it was. Nevertheless, readers can and will get the gist of the story. The build up of the angst and the pain is really just wonderfully painful. It hurt so much reading through the subsequent chapters when the hint of angst begins because you realize that our cute little kitty wasn't such a happy kitten after all. The stories on each small planet he visits throughout the story with his puppy knight just really drives a blunt knife through your heart. It hurts but boy does it hurt good. It gives a glimpse to the people he had interacted with and values/valued while in the real world. You realize that humans can be quite cumbersome, frustratingly bad, and just plain broken to the point of no return. BUT WHAT HURTS THE MOST IS... The planet of our cute puppy knight. I cried so hard reading it because dang, fate was never on his side. Whatever choice he could have had made would have ended the same and it ached when our kitty realizes that the end of the adventure was near and saying goodbye was inevitable.

Falling in love was both a blessing and a curse in this story. Because it was what led to this tragic and bittersweet ending but it was also what gave our kitty a new lease in life. It hurts so bad knowing that even if puppy knight can and will no longer be there with him when he wakes up as their story ended in that star/dream world...


his heart will always be with the kitty, figuratively and literally. I still cry everytime I read that part in the story where he realized how weak and powerless he was when MC collapsed in the real world and knew that the heart was needed. It wasn't even anyone's heart, it was his heart. He had no choice and was forced by his own family to sell his own heart in exchange for a good life as long as he can live. And his hatred for the MC bloomed unknowingly into deep love and now here they were. ML died, MC lived. Just as how the fates always decreed it so. It's so bittersweet that ML said he had nothing of his own to give to MC except for his heart and he gave it up both times when he chose to fall in love with him and let go of his hatred as well as when he gave up his heart to save MC. It was the one thing in his life he had control of and he gave it willingly. But the pain hits you even more when you realize that in the end, the MC will have to live with the fact that his lover died to save him and he can't even die on his own terms because he owes his life to the person he loves the most and he doesn't want to taint it by dying.


The extras of the story drive that final nail in the coffin for me, especially that part where...


ML prepared an AI sort of that was modelled in his image that will grow as more conversations is learned by it. It was like having ML alive but also not because you know it will never be real and never be enough. The fact that ML had been preparing for his eventual death and made sure to cover for everything and anything he could still hurts so bad. ML will forever live on in that computer program growing as MC also grows older, as if it was the last piece of comfort he could offer to help reduce the weight of it all.


There's an extra where we get a semblance of bittersweet yet happy ending because they both never leave that planet anymore and stay there. It's a comfort to those who want an alternate ending. But for me, the OG ending, as tragic and bitter it was, made me feel more complete. MC will start a new story after that and maybe it won't be as happy as he wanted it to be but I like to think he will live the fullest than ever until he can no longer do so because of what ML had done for him.

This is a wonderful read. But if you don't want to cry and end up with swollen eyes and runny nose, just don't. This is painful and it will drag you to feel things you wish you never felt. Love truly transcends all. As much as I wanted to change the ending, I feel like the author did a wonderful job on it. Also, big thanks to the translator who worked on it and made it possible for readers who can't read in the original language of the novel to be able to read it. The emotions were all perfectly delivered despite being translated. <<less
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Little Cloud
Little Cloud rated it
October 14, 2022
Status: --
First of all.. Don't get deceived by the title! The story is not the cute type but the type that will directly pierce the heart. It was so sad. Specially the writing style. The emotions will be brought out slowly but very hardly. So it's really painful at some points. But the story was very touching.

Highly recommend!
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September 21, 2022
Status: --
I liked the author's works and wanted to read all her novels but then there's a tragedy tag on this one.

The most I could handle was Slice of Life, while Tragedy would dragged me down for days.

Thus, I was very thankful for the spoiler first reviewer 🙏🏻
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