If Only Time Stopped at the Moment We First Met


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The story of a seemingly one sided love between a school trouble maker and the class president.

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Rénshēng Ruò Zhǐ Rú Chū Jiàn
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Otwentyfirst rated it
December 18, 2017
Status: Completed
There were parts where I had butterflies filled with expectations. Unfortunately the MC was too cool for his own good so my expectations were never met. This is mostly a narrative piece with very few lines of dialogue. Usually I don't like stories presented in this fashion but for this story it worked out. I expected the ending but because the execution was well done it still hit in the gut and made me feel for the MC. I wouldn't say it's a tearjerker despite the "tragedy" tag but it... more>> did leave a lingering feeling.

The piece had some good points for consideration like autism, rape, victim mentality, coping, and regret. Those points make it sound like a depressing story doesn't it? Haha. No it's OK. But there is defo rape though so if you are sensitive you may want to skip chapter 4.

If there was a parallel story with the love interest POV it would have a similar vibe as this other story about a man who every morning would calculate the odds of him killing his wife and successfully getting away with it. Forgot the title. <<less
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Mimosa rated it
November 21, 2017
Status: c12
Maybe it was the mood I was in while reading, but the voice in my head that read line by line till the end felt dull throughout the whole book, yet I don't felt the boredom that should be accompanying it. Maybe it was my mood, or maybe the early premonition that the characters won't achieve their happy ending.

The story was so-so; I've read better in wattpad or in some other sites, but the attachment to the characters that you'll only feel in good books will be felt here, albeit... more>> temporary, it was there, hanging by a thread.

The story could be branded as a "breathe of fresh air" amidst the translated yaoi novels here in NU, although the characters designs are bland, their reaction to the events they're involved in are somewhat realistic, unlike most novels here where some characters personality makes you want to pull your hair because of how unprobable (comparing to how a normal person acts) their responses to stimulis (/events) are.


Hey, if you took time to read reviews, then read the story itself won't you? Maybe just this one because it's only 12 chapters. So yeah, go click on that chapter 1 link.

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KongKwong rated it
February 21, 2019
Status: Completed
Okay, it's my fault for not checking the tags before reading. Gosh, I hate tragedies! I end up crying every time, I wish I wasn't too involved in characters...

The narrative was quite unusual but not dull or boring, it felt somehow similar to my experience with 'Flowers for Algernon' where we got to see the story thought the eyes of the main character. It might be a cliché but for me it's a new and quite enjoyable experience, which makes the story and characters even more alive. And hence makes... more>> me cry even harder...


I can't quite understand our ML. His life was a tough one without a doubt, but he hasn't tried his best. He's quite similar to the MC in this sense, they both just gave up on themselves. It doesn't sound right to me, aren't we all greedy people who can only care about satisfying our own desires? How come there are two of them who just let it all go and didn't try to chase after their own happiness. I wish they could go back in time and do it all right. Now I completely understand what the author meant by the title of this novel full of sorrow and grief.


I'm going to give it all 5 stars because it's beautiful even if I can't completely relate.

And now I need a short and fluffy story to sooth my broken heart! <<less
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PotatoCakes rated it
January 15, 2019
Status: Completed
This novel will either be a hit or miss. I got anxiety while reading it, and felt like sh*t after completing it. Which is why I would highly recommend it.

The characters aren't meant to be sympathetic, but they're both relatable in a way. Societal pressure, pride, and immaturity oftentimes manifest themselves in real life in similar ways. This novel explores what happens when all of that is mixed together with a series of unfortunate events.

Novels rarely incite so many emotions in me. Maybe it's because I rarely read novels with... more>> "Bad Ending" tags, but this one stood out due to the frustration both the characters and readers feel throughout the story. I wouldn't recommend reading it, unless you're not prepared for a whole lot of angst. <<less
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Analayne rated it
March 10, 2018
Status: c12
I read this knowing how it would end but what suprised me was how much it still hurt. Once you sheath your swords and if you stick it out till the end you'll get what I mean.

This is from a person who runs from that tag with full speed.
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ike_00000 rated it
June 23, 2019
Status: Completed
Honestly, I really don't understand the class president, I don't like this way he fell in love with him. But seriously this made my heart hurt at the end.

The problem here is, on top of how I don't like how the pres fell in love, is that the story was set up to be tragic. Like from one perspective this MC was just moping the entire time lol. Idk, someone who is a fan of the following tags would probably enjoy the story:

... more>>

Yaoi, tragedy, rape, misunderstanding


To be honest I was hoping for better based on the title and the synopsis (DAMN I love that title). Even with the theme of this story, I think it could've been much more enjoyable if they explored the other MC's character more. It's not a long read so in that sense not much to lose? <<less
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RottenApple rated it
May 26, 2019
Status: Completed
This story is a MUST READ. The way it describe the characters make you hooked to the story itself. I can really feel the melancholy of the MC. Also it has a tragedy tag so run while you still can.
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Boba rated it
April 20, 2019
Status: Completed
I love how the story didn't romanticize anything. The MC got his punishment. Regretting for a lifetime (I hope). I just wished that the ML got everything he deserve, but that's not the trajectory so... That's what we get.

But!!! This is recommended for all of you who like to read tragedy. The story is good and quiet enjoyable.
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YaoiMom22 rated it
April 18, 2019
Status: c12
I read this long ago but it stayed with me. I can't remember the last time I sobbed so hard after reading a story. This one hit me in the gut and ripped everything out. If you're looking for something to tear you up inside... this might be it.
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JohnnyCakes rated it
April 5, 2019
Status: Completed
It’s a really beautiful novel that you should check out. I wish it turned out a bit differently, but the ending is more realistic. Usually the main character is the one that’s being targeted, but this time we get to see the story from the perpetrator’s point of view. It was enjoying to read.
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Fragrance rated it
June 20, 2018
Status: Completed
Even though this story is not the best I've ever read, but I also don't have any reason to not rate it 5 stars. This story is not quite dark. This is the inner monologue of the MC who is regretting his bad deeds. This is realistic. Not quite tragedy except for the ending. I would rate 3/5 for character development. I don't see much on the perspective of the other MC. I can't really figure him out. There isn't much description of him. The protagonist is so-so, lack of... more>> personality. Overall, it's an okay read. I did enjoyed it. If you are curious, why don't you try to read. <<less
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