Kissing My Student, It’s Over if We’re Caught


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I’m in a secret, bad romance with a love dependent student—

「Having a secret meeting with a student one is in charge of at school… Isn’t it exciting?」

The special relationship with Kirihara that no one can know about began when I took up my post at Mori Kawara High School as a teacher.

At school, she’s the serious student council president who has earned a lot of trust from other teachers, but when it’s just the two of us, she becomes mischievous, clingy, and jealous.

On weekends, I cook meals at her place, play games together, and pamper her as if we were lovers.

Unable to reject her because she knows my weakness, and despite knowing it’s wrong, we continue to pile up secrets little by little every day…

「Sensei, my feelings of liking you have grown very strong.」

As Kirihara openly confronts me with her feelings, the emotions I’ve been holding back grow even stronger.

Even though it would all be over if it were exposed, that sense of immorality ironically only accelerates things further—

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