Just to Sweep the Entertainment Industry


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Yan Lu travelled through different time and space, stepped directly into the entertainment industry with one foot, conquered the top directors, and swept the entire entertainment industry from the first song.

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Date Group Release
09/25/22 Novelhunters c8 part2c8 part2
09/25/22 Novelhunters c8 part1
09/24/22 Novelhunters c7 part2
09/24/22 Novelhunters c7 part1
09/23/22 Novelhunters c6
09/23/22 Novelhunters c5
09/23/22 Novelhunters c4
09/23/22 Novelhunters c3
09/23/22 Novelhunters c2
09/22/22 Novelhunters v1c1
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