It’s Exciting to Snatch the Supporting Male Lead and Run Away [Quick Wear]


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The supporting Male Lead’s who are infatuated varied as Lin Su’s methods; sweet words express deep affection, chance encounters highlight fate, and only passionate determination is not enough for competing for the affection of a the supporting male lead.

Instead of becoming the one who is not cherished in someone else’s story, it’s better to be cherished by him. How long is your life, and how long will he accompany you?

Companionship is indeed the most sincere confession.

It’s just that no matter how old and young he may be, there will be times when he overturns

Lin Tang: Brother, I want kisses, hugs, and be held high~

Zhou Xintang: You lied to me saying you wanted to be my assistant, but actually, you just wanted to get closer to me.

Wei Yuan: Don’t act coquettishly, I’m not falling for your tricks…

Lin Qingtang: Young Master, even if you are an eunuch, it doesn’t matter to me.

Lin Su: “…”

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New lammynoxfox rated it
May 10, 2024
Status: c25
The story is really incredibly good! The translation is really great and the story itself is simply captivating. There aren't many chapters per arc, but the individual chapters are relatively long so that you don't get the feeling that something is being neglected.I like all the characters. The system isn't annoying but it's not OP either. It just makes a few nice comments here and there that make you smile. Our MC... I like him. Sorry, I can't put it into words but the character is just very well done.... more>> Nothing seems forced or too overpowered. He's not that annoying either. Our ML also turned out very well. I'm only in the first arc so I don't know what the other MLs are like but currently he reminded me a lot of a cat. Super sweet one minute, spicy the next minute. I also like the development of the characters, which runs like a common thread through the story. The first arc alone was as satisfying as a book in itself. I hope there will be new chapters soon and that the story won't be abandoned. <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
New stilderis rated it
May 4, 2024
Status: Completed
Amazing novel. The main character is interesting. And his affection is initially based on the appearance of his partner. However, even if he does not feel strong love, he will do everything to make his person feel good. Znd the moment the main character finally falls in love, he becomes so loving. All the arches are wonderful. Even though I had some complaints about the actions of the main character but they were few.
I recommend reading it.
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
late_nights rated it
April 16, 2024
Status: c4
Rating a 5 to help give this novel some visibility, although I've only read 4 chapters so far.

It's too early to judge the plot but the translation and writing is very well done! The MC looks to be the morally-grey cunning type which I really enjoy so I'm excited to read more.
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
ShizukaMomo rated it
April 23, 2024
Status: Completed
I read this novel a year ago. It was quite entertaining considering that there are not that many seme pov QT novels that offer quite a number of worlds and entertaining plots. Therefore, in that sense, this novel is good.

One thing must be said which is ... more>>

the seme MC is op af. He is a seasoned QT traveler; therefore, do expect him to have op skills and abilities. So many of the issues, especially those regarding money, are solved with a snap of fingers. The only exciting aspects are the face slapping, the way he approaches his target shou ML and his (seme's) overall demeanor.

Another plus point with this novel is that we get to see MC's distinguished personality shine through whatever character he is playing in these worlds. I personally like the fact that MC's personality doesn't get lost in the characters he impersonates. Many qt novels sometimes fail in this aspect of the characterization of the MC.


Oh oh another thing that is quite unique is that

the Seme MC doesn't fall in love with the Shou ML right off the bat. It takes quite a number of worlds for MC to go through before he starts to fall for the ML. However, it may not seem like it considering MC involves himself in romantic relationships with the ML from the get-go. But it is mainly the seme being responsible towards the partner with whom he chose to spend his life with in one world at a time. So the romance here is slow-burning in the sense that seme takes his time falling for shou genuinely, but we can enjoy their romantic relationship right from the 1st world.


About the author:

This author has 3 QT seme protagonist novels including this one. I have read the other 2 as well. And all three of them are quite good and unique. But there are 2 similarities shared between all three of them which are

    • Spoiler
        • The shous fall first for the semes while the semes take time falling in love with their respective shous. This isn't bad or anything. Just wanted to point out that the romance is kind of a slow burn from the seme protagonist's side.
        • There is a vague underlying theme that is connecting all three of the novels regarding their main world or origin world or the system world (whatever you call it), which I didn't quite catch completely, mainly because I mtl-ed them and some info wasn't translated properly. So I am excited to clear up my confusion through proper translation.
This novel isn't a masterpiece or anything, but it provides an enjoyable and sometimes exciting read (depending on which world or arc tickles your fancy). I find myself re-reading some of the arcs from time to time. So you can give it a go to kill time. <<less
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