Instead of the Heroine, I Married the Male Lead


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“I didn’t cheat on you with your fiancé; it was fate, do you understand?”

The heroine eloped with my fiancé.

On the day of our engagement.

After a moment of disbelief, the male lead came to me.

“The lady I picked out for the contract marriage ran off with her friend’s fiancé.”

“Goodness, there’s a lady just like me.”

“So I’m thinking of proposing a contract marriage to that friend.”

The eyes beneath the bushy eyebrows gleamed sharply.

“Will you marry me, milady?”

… It seems to be me.


Since my fiancé ran away anyway, there wasn’t much choice; I entered the wedding hall with the male lead.

I agreed to the contract with the intention of running away if necessary.

“I’ll try to make you a precious person to everyone.”

His fingertips, which descended to my earlobe, lightly brushed my tiny earring.

Shivers ran down my spine.

“The earring suits you very well.”

The earring had a purple gem that matched his eye color.

Something seems wrong with this contract marriage after all.

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여주 대신 남주와 결혼했다
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