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When Light is kicked out of the Concord of the Tribes, his former comrades instantly turn on him. Light escapes this diabolical act of betrayal by the skin of his teeth…only to find himself in the deepest part of the Abyss, the most dangerous dungeon in the realm! To avoid being eaten by carnivorous monsters, he uses the Unlimited Gacha, his sole magical skill. But where it previously only produced junk items, this time Mei—a gorgeous Level 9999 fighter in a maid outfit—springs forth! Fast forward three years and Light has carved out his own kingdom in this backwater dungeon, summoning more beautiful Level 9999 warriors who swear absolute fealty to him. Now a powerful Level 9999 Overlord himself, Light plans to ascend to the surface and take revenge on his betrayers one by one!

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Backstabbed in a Backwater Dungeon (LN)
Backstabbed in a Backwater Dungeon: My Trusted Companions Tried to Kill Me, but Thanks to the Gift of an Unlimited Gacha I Got Lvl 9999 Friends and Am Out for Revenge on My Former Party Members and the World
I Was Almost Killed by My Comrades Inside the Dungeon, but I Used the Gift from “Infinite Gacha” and Got Level 9999 Friends. I’ll Take Revenge on My Ex-party Members and the World. Serves You Right!
Shinjiteita Nakama-tachi ni Dungeon Okuchi de Korosarekaketa ga Gift "Mugen Gacha" de Level 9999 no Nakama-tachi wo Te ni Irete Moto Party Member to Sekai ni Fukushuu & "Zamaa!" Shimasu!
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13 Reviews

Nov 01, 2021
Status: c420
I first read the Manga, then moved to the webnovel, and went straight to the source after the rest. Although I'm not a fan of revenge stories, I don't think the revenge is the main topic in this one, as other plot elements are more active and more interesting. I'm not sure how to call this, but I would say it's an inverted isekai. Unlike the reverse isekai where middle ages people go to modern age, in this one, the protagonist and so on are native, but there are a... more>> few Other World elements introduced later on by other parties (enemies).

I saw a comparison with Overlord, and for the most part, it's fitting: MC is OP, he has many high level allies, he keeps himself in the shadows of society, while at the same time offering a token of power as bait on politics, he also makes an adventurer party with 2 lower level subordinates, the Black Clown, akin to Momon and Nabe's "Black". MC's high level supporters are all incredibly loyal to him, some to the point of loving him, there are even tons of maids and other creatures. The difference is that the theme here is less grotesque, and unlike Overlord that has more fixed points and characters being kept hidden for suspense, there is no such thing here.

The supporting characters are also overall quite diverse and pretty nice, I very much like the interactions between themselves, unlike Overlord's usual reliance on Ainz for everything, here we have some comical parts like Iceheat and Mera's interactions, Suzu's shyness and Lock taking care of her, and then there is Nazuna with anyone. There are 5 Lvl 9999 in the story:
- Mei, the Maid is the first one to appear, and the weakest, because unlike the other combat jobs, she is a Maid, although Lvl9999;
- Aoyuki, the Genius Tamer, that can control all the Monsters coming from the Gacha plus other monsters, she would be the second weakest if she fights by herself;
- Elly, the Witch of Taboos, she the studious one that basically can do anything so long as magic is involved: Study a Dungeon Core to be able to control it, Reading minds, Revival magic (there are limits), larges amounts of Mana, essentially, she is constantly improving herself. She is the strongest in Magic, and 2nd strongest overall;
- Nazuna, the True Ancestor Vampire Knight, she is the strongest of the group, it's basically a bugged character, a genius in fights, but for everything else, she is too honest and dumb, hell, her introduction is her learning to sum 1+1, she is also the Mood Maker, since being so honest and childish, it's hard to be harsh with her, but again, her instincts in fight are the best in the whole group.
- MC, yes, although a native human, Elly knew of the requirements of leveling up fast, and used her magic to call upon those "requirements", thus MC did all he could to level up, eventually reaching Max in about 3 years.

About the MC's cheat, when he completed 10 or 12 years old, he found out he had a very rare gift: Infinite Gacha, which, as can be easily surmised, is like a Gacha Button that can be pressed anytime, anywhere, and the cards that come from it can be used by MC. However, this is a world where people have no idea what Gacha is, and all his results are tr*sh (Broken spoon, mold bread). Of course, he learns how to better control the results soon after the betrayal thanks to Mei, and starts using it frequently with Good results, so although MC can't use magic, he can be treated as an Infinite Gacha Mage, since Magic Attacks are also part of the results, and he can accumulate those cards ad infinitum, although it can be a mess managing it up, specially with the tons of non Rare cards coming, but the cards are managed by specialist subordinates, so this is not a problem in the story.

About MC himself, he is 12 years old, the 2nd son of a farmer, has has a little sister and an older brother, and a nobody until he was made to join the related Adventurer party with all races as a representative for the Human Race. After being betrayed, he spends 3 years in the Abyss leveling himself up to 9999, and preparing his forces.

His objectives are:
- To find what the heck this "master" is, that caused him to be killed once he was found out to not be one
- Revenge on his former "comrades"
- Later on, he also tries to improve the social position of humans in society

So although his reasoning may be a bit cringe sometimes, gotta remember that he is a 15 years old boy, with the appearance of a 12 years old boy, that spent 3 years down the abyss training finally hoping to kill and torture those that tried to kill and torture him.

About the world, it's one continent, and there are 6 races: Dragonewt, Demon, Elf, Dwarf, Beastkin and Human. Due to different lifespans, magic ability and level caps, the first 3 are exceptionally prideful, the Dwarves are reserved into their own stuff, and the Beastkins, although similar to Humans, have a higher level cap and are physically stronger. So the humans get the short hand, and are cheaply used as s*aves and stuff in other nations. There is the Human Kingdom that can't do much against the other races, and are there just to say that they are part of the Principality of Six races, without any real power. That is not to say that Humans have nothing special, as an example, we learn that some special entities are only born from Humans, and if you think the idea that you should just exterminate the whole race to avoid those entities, it's practically impossible to 100% exterminate them, so it's better to keep them in control, since they are also cheap labor.

The revenge targets are all depicted as being hateful, even the other villains are overall degenerates that can kill humans for no reason at all. I actually expected there to be some character in a more gray area, but nops, overall, if the character is doing something bad, he is going to be evil, punished and tortured by MC. The 5 revenge targets are no notorious people either, although the party MC was in was unique because there were members of the 6 races, that's all it was, it wasn't a Hero Party, and the members were equivalent to slightly above average adventurers hired to investigate the "Master candidate" without knowing what it is really.

But as I said at the start, the revenge is more of a subplot, the main plot is finding out about why all this happened, what is the "master", and from that, he goes into deeper mysteries, garnering himself a couple allies and many enemies to be trampled. The past also seems to carry some significance, and then there are other points that raises doubts while keeping the story interesting.

For those reading the manga, the WN and the LN have differences: Instead of 6 races, the Dark Elves, Centaur and Ghoul races are added, to a total of 9 races in the world, there are also original allies, like Lvl 7777 Jack that was introduced in the 2nd Arc alongside the 7777 trio of Mera, Iceheat and Suzu, so keeping the Overlord comparison, it's like Albedo and other characters that don't exist in the WN, but are relevant in the LN. This also means that the pace of the story may change, the same for the relationships between races, because since in the WN MC having the collaboration of 4/6 nations was enough to have major influence, with 9 of them, that same turning point should take longer to be reached, or will require some level of good relationship with other nations, which seems hard to imagine.

The translations were a little lacking in my opinion. For the WN translation, as an example, the MC was translated as "Raito", which is not wrong, until you find out that his Adventurer fake name is Dark, clearly indicating that his name is supposed to be Light. I understand that the translator had no way of knowing it at first, if he didn't read ahead, but not changing retroactively makes it annoying. There were other translations that I also disliked. For the Manga it was fine, until they decided to change Dark's name to Kuro for who knows what reason...

I do recognize, however, that I am not very tolerant with translations that do things I dislike, such as removing suffixes, or not correcting things, not that these are all done here, but as someone with some knowledge of japanese, I do like to keep some points untranslated to keep the meaning, over localizing. Many however may not notice nor care for the missing parts.

So if you are still not convinced, let's try to answer a couple points with spoilers:

What are "masters"?


In short, Reincarnators, but the locals don't really know the details, but the Masters have their organization with their own interests, and as you may have guessed, they are also high level with unique skills. However, this high level came naturally from the world, meaning, they are not lvl 9999 simply because there wouldn't be enough high-level enemies for them to fight to reach those levels, unlike Elly who had her own "unique ways" thanks to her knowledge on the "taboo stuff"


What happens to his family?


His parents were killed along with everyone in the village. The one who destroyed it was someone very high-leveled, likely a Master. His older brother and younger sister were able to flee the village, his older brother was captured and sold as human s*ave, his younger sister was found by the human princess, and thanks to this coincidence, she has full cooperation of MC and his forces.

Oh, but don't think she is part of a harem or anything, in fact, she is sometimes quite afraid of MC and all his power, but she will cooperate and receive cooperation to improve humankind's standings. The only ones aiming to get on with MC are just a few of the subordinate girls only, like Elly and Suzu.


How does the revenge goes?


As said, the members of the party were not really special, just individuals that accepted a large reward for a mission. With the end of the mission, and the report that MC was supposedly not a Master, they all gained their rewards. So for example, the ones who were related to noble families, even if they had been ignored, or had no real influence, suddenly found themselves as the 1st/most important heir/successor. Those that wanted some sort of material reward got them.

So MC aims for each of these characters in revenge, eventually crossing paths with the "Masters", thus unveiling new conspiracies and enemies. Each revenge target is captured and tortured in the Abyss, not allowed to die, so when a new one is bought in, we may get a prompt from the older ones.

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Apr 14, 2021
Status: c74
This is Budget Overlord with a pinch of Tasty Revenge at the top. If you have basic level cringe resistance then this is pretty good as a quick read while listening to Overlord OP & ED songs.

I'm already reading ahead because I was too hyped from the tasty revenge so just read this if you're bored.
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May 04, 2022
Status: v1c22
The whole story have of very childish vibe. Idk how to explain it properly but that's how I felt reading this. A lot of things made no sense. The main gimmick of MC is just ridiculous in bad sense. Every summoned being feels like they have very shallow characters. Always infatuated by the MC and keep praising MC whenever tha have chance to the point that it made me sick.

This is what we get when author playing too much Gacha games.
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Jul 10, 2021
Status: v1c24
Just a heads up to folks who may read this. Its a good story that delivers on the revenge aspect so in that respect well worth your time.

Well translated and regular chapters.

Unfortunately to try and combat third party sites from copying his translation the translator does this thing every so often where on the second paragraph of the chapter it will state that if you arent reading it on his website then youre not supporting the translator and the rest of the chapter will be random cut and paste from... more>> earlier chapters. Nothing else, no further instructions and the reader is left scratching their heads. Comments have been disabled on the chapters after people asked about it so no help there. So due to this new way to try and combat 3rd party sites youre going to miss out on a chapter every now and then. NU auto links to the translators website so im not sure if he does this every time and it just bugs out on certain chapters or if its these few chapters.

Solid story. Solid translation. Be prepared to miss the odd chapter. <<less
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Apr 12, 2022
Status: --
Decided to read ahead, finding the raws. The beginning is good, but it gets s*upid later on... more>>

in the current arc heroes appear, given power by a god. The first hero is given a sword by said God, and his parents think he stole it. Instead of explaining it properly, he's all "I'm a hero" and kills his parents because they don't believe him


The power levels are bullshit, the characters are bland, and the revenge is lacklustre.

The translation is good, though, so at least I can say something positive about an otherwise awful story. <<less
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Feb 24, 2022
Status: v2c18
(Some spoilers? Maybe? I mean I’m just going to describe the general outline) To be honest. It’s a great story, and the characters are decent. It’s a shame that it is taking time to translate. Or well. That this isn’t well into the future where I can read it in one sitting. It’s a revenge type of novel that I actually am enjoying. Not usually my cup of tea but it’s seriously making me check daily for updates. A revenge story where humans are the lower race. Pretty new... more>> plot if you ask me. Still don’t quite understand the “masters” but I think I get the gist of it. Character development is kind of slow if you ask me. But we’re also not very far into the story yet. Give it 6 months to get a decent amount translated or be like me and get caught up and stay anxious! Worth the read.

also the manga is good. It puts some things in perspective you won’t be light years ahead if you read either one at the moment and to be honest you won’t get tons more info in the novel compared to the manga in my opinion <<less
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May 04, 2021
Status: v1c15
Premise is brilliant, characters are likeable so far and the world building seems extensive.

Author is taking it slow and it can be great if done well but it's a dangerous way as people can burn out from repeating the randos abuse MC > MC claps back > MC moves elsewhere > randos abuse MC cycle, we'll see as more gets translated.

Some things are not explained so far like how he got his skill to keep rolling and how people break their limits but that's also something to be seen in... more>> the future.

So far 4 stars because 15 chapters in and only a couple were meaningful the rest is slow paced world building. <<less
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Sep 25, 2021
Status: v1c29
First of all, the translator no longer provides a link every 2 paragraphs, or any link at all anymore, as according to another review, it used to have it.

Anyways, despite the bad synopsis, the start of this novel was really great. I thought I found a solid 4 or 5 star novel for me to read. Unfortunately, the quality took a drop once the first char went above ground in the novel. Then a further drop a little later on. Despite this, I am still liking the story, though I... more>> am worried if I will continue to like this...

The novel also seems to be heavily inspired by Overlord. Essentially it is the same style, but instead a revenge story with more fan service. <<less
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Sep 13, 2021
Status: --
The title made me a bit peeved about this novel, but despite it's typical tr*sh-isekai web novel title, it's actually a really good novel

If I were to say, this novel is basically a mix of overlord/eminence in shadow-kind of novel and your typical isekai revenge story, but the good kind of revenge

Unlike your usual revenge story in Japanese novel, this one actually kills them. It has a perfect amount of edginess to not be too much like tsukiyo rui's novel, and not too little for the MC to be the... more>> forgiving kind you expected from a jp novel <<less
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Kuro Alicia
Kuro Alicia
Jan 16, 2022
Status: c386
Some tasty stuff~

The plot & world building is good enough

Every character is lovable (not the antagonist tho), they're not flat 1D personality

... more>> There's no romance even though every female character ready to open their legs whenever he want to, they're all fanatic (well, he is their God afterall). He want to wait until all his problem is solved, so maybe on after story? Well im as a romance crave still read this novel so you should try it!

Revenge is not the only plot, there also some God like being out there being sealed waiting for MC to kill it


MC have a ultimate weapon "God killing spear", everytime he use it is like a curse weapon where his body eroded by it. Can't wait for him to unlock 4 seal/100% power & see if his body turn to something else/God like body


I know MC party is OP, but the fight still enjoyable, a bit repetitive but you can stomach it

At chapter 386 apparently is still half way to go to the end game


God like something is awaken but still on half perfect body so he/she sleep again lol

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Mar 02, 2021
Status: c6
Prologue was alright as it showed possibility of this one being an entertaining story. After that however author made a decision to go slow burn route and protagonist became a lowest grade adventurer. I can accept “Revenge is a dish that must be eaten cold” sort of ideology but if revenge storyline proceeds to stretch like a rubber, adding lots of ‘slice of life’ it becomes annoying.

Of course there are still few hundreds chapters ahead and a possibility that novel just has a bad start exists but I highly doubt... more>> that <<less
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Oct 16, 2023
Status: v3
The character designs and backgrounds are pretty nice but that's as far as it goes..

I feel like to put it simply, it's boring? The premise for revenge is well done but everything until each execution of said revenge is a bunch of drivel that I skipped over. 90% of the story is just praises for the the protagonist which gets old quick.
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Oct 03, 2022
Status: v2c50
I hope you understand me giving 3 stars is not to lower the score, its to increase it.
I won't say this is garbage but it is mildly interesting at least.
To put this plainly, the whole novel is messy. Its extremely disorderly. There is very little semblance of flow or direction and although he tries to follow a storyline the incessant dotting of useless sidestories actually reminds me of how bad onepiece is. Premise and base is really good but the execution is downright terribad. The attempt to flesh... more>> out the characters is quite terrible as it barely adds anything extra while simultaneously removing from the story instead. In addition to that the story jumps here and there in an attempt to make itself interesting as there is no real meat on the bones to make up for it. I don't know if this is the authors first work but if so I am sorry for the review. If its not his first work then shame on him. <<less
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