In Place of Losing My Memory, I Remembered That I Was the Fiancée of the Capture Target


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Alexia, the daughter of a count wakes up one day and finds she has lost her memory.

She can’t remember her family, but she has a faint memory of someone else other than Alexia.

She is cherished by her overprotective younger brother and her fiancé, with whom she was not on good terms. When she returns to the academy, she meets a girl who reminds her that this is the world of the “Otome game” she played in her previous life. She is a mob character who rarely appears in the game, even though she is the fiancé of the capture target.

Her involvement with a game that should have nothing to do with her, and the doubts she has about herself.

What is the truth hidden with her memories?

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01/24/24 Fans Translations c2 part2
01/13/24 Fans Translations c2 part1
01/12/24 Fans Translations c1 part11
01/04/24 Fans Translations c1 part10
01/03/24 Fans Translations c1 part9
12/29/23 Fans Translations c1 part8
12/28/23 Fans Translations c1 part7
12/16/23 Fans Translations c1 part6
12/15/23 Fans Translations c1 part5
11/28/23 Fans Translations c1 part4
11/28/23 Fans Translations c1 part3
11/28/23 Fans Translations c1 part2
11/28/23 Fans Translations c1
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