Immortal Prodigy


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After two centuries of diligent cultivation, Xie Jiuniang finally formed her Golden Core, marking a significant milestone in her journey to immortality. Yet, on the very night of her achievement, her dao companion, Lin Wangchen, betrayed and mu*dered her in cold blood.

However, fate had other plans for Xie Jiuniang, as she was reborn…and stumbled upon a shocking revelation.

In her previous life, she was a beloved child of the Heavenly Dao, destined for greatness and blessed with profound opportunities. But sinister forces lurked in the shadows, secretly siphoning away her fortuitous encounters time and time again, nurturing a host of prodigies in the immortal realm. The scumbag man was merely one of many beneficiaries of this treachery.

Once weak, pitiful, and helpless, Xie Jiuniang now had a new lease on life. She decided to embrace obscurity, quietly seizing all the fortuitous opportunities for herself, determined to rise above her past and reach even greater heights in her cultivation.

And so, the world began to change…

The various peerless prodigies were left dumbfounded, wondering, “Where have our fortuitous encounters gone?”

The scumbag husband from her previous life felt aggrieved, lamenting, “…She doesn’t love me anymore.”

Her cousin, blessed with the coveted Heavenly Spirit Root, was shocked to discover, “What happened to her supposed tr*shy talent? How is she cultivating even faster than me?”

Even the bigshots behind the scenes started cursing, realizing that the Heavenly Chosen’s great opportunity for ascension had vanished without a trace. Something wasn’t right!

Fortuitous encounters?

“I’ll claim them all”, Xie Jiuniang declared. His, her, yours—they’re all mine now!

Inadvertently, she trampled upon a host of prodigies, challenged numerous bigshots with her sword, and with her prestige resounding far and wide, she became the number one cultivator in the immortal realm!”

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The Stolen Destiny: From Rubbish to Pinnacle in the Cultivation World
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New peoju rated it
May 21, 2024
Status: Completed
Cultivation novel with an actual goal instead of just endless leveling up. Relatable MC and side characters. MC has a unique cheat but throughout most of the novel, MC has to confront enemies way stronger than she is so she has to rely on her wits to survive. The villains are not dumb, they are aware of MC's destiny and know they need to stop her before she grows too strong.

Plot summary (some spoilers) :

... more>>

More than 10 thousand years ago, MC's world was invaded by another world. The world origin was damaged during the ensuing war. Due to the damage, the path to ascension was cut off for the cultivator's of the world. A few thousand years later, the world origin has recovered somewhat but in order to fully recover, the link to the upper realm has to be reestablished. This becomes the mission of the children of fate. Each child of fate is blessed with unique talents and extraordinary luck. The villains in the novel are a group of families who are aware of this. They locate the children of fate, stick close to them by pretending to be friends or providing fake help and then steal the opportunities that the child of fate encounters on his path to becoming OP. The luck of the child of fate eventually gets exhausted so they never grow up to fulfill their mission. MC is one such child of fate but because of her unique time power, she gets reborn back to her 11 year old self after she was mu*dered.

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New miu rated it
April 28, 2024
Status: Completed
It's a really really good read. I mtl to the end and it was entertaining the whole way through. There is no romance, it's just about the MC getting her revenge and completing her mission. There are several time skips throughout but considering time doesn't really matter to cultivators, it doesn't really affect the story. The MC is meant to be OP, she's the child of destiny anyways, but the villains are also capable so the fights aren't always one-sided. I like the MC's character too and everyone around her... more>> has their own personalities. There are also a lot of characters that show up and most of them stay throughout most of the novel. I can see why there's no romance as the MC is young for one and then too focused on her revenge but I still ship her and her second senior brother together. The ending is a bit rushed imo and there are a few loose ends that haven't been tied up but I feel like it's enough to do a sequel if the author wanted to. Overall, I recommend this, it's a very good read. I hope the ratings will get better. <<less
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