I’m the Cruel Saint, but I Want to Help my Dear Husband. (Except, I’m Hated.)


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When I woke up, I couldn’t recall anything.

Apparently, I was the ‘Peerless Saint’, and although I had immense power, it was presently sealed. That barely mattered though…

“…My husband is too awesome…!?”

Before I lost my memory, I was a villain who had abused her power as the strongest saint to cause misdeeds. Oswald, a genius magician, said that we were married solely because he was the only one who could kill me. Thus, he was keeping an eye on me.

“Then, if I were to help you, would you date me, Oswald?”

“Hmm, if you truly could, I’ll hold your hand and we can go on a date—I get it, stay back, don’t hug me!!”

I could no longer use my divine power as the saint and everyone around me despised me. Above all, my newly-married husband loathed me…

I’m such a bad wife. For now, let’s keep the fact that I’ve lost my memory a secret.

As compensation for my past evil deeds, I’d like to help my beloved husband as much as possible.

…But I feel like I can still use divine power that should have been sealed for some reason?

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Akugyaku seijodesuga, aisuru dan’na-sama no o yakunitachitaidesu. (To wa ie, kirawa rete iru nodesuga)
I’m the Cruel Saint, but I Want to Help my Dear Husband. (Except, I’m Hated.)
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