I’m Probably Broken for Easily Cutting Off My Girlfriend Whom I Was Dating.


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I was the one who wanted to spend my birthday with her.
Her mother has been sick, so our plans are completely empty.
Now what shall we do?

My friends help me, but I am already broken.

What was the last decision I made?

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04/19/24 Soafp oneshot
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wickedswami rated it
April 26, 2024
Status: oneshot
TL;DR - Kind of a nothing story that is extended by people for some reason feeling the need to question MC about why he could calmly cut off his girlfriend.

Without the classmates unnecessarily asking MC about why he acted the way he did and the girlfriends pitiful attempt at being a villain at the end, then this story can be summed up in one sentence:

... more>>

MC sees his girlfriend happily go into a hotel with another guy on his birthday and MC breaks up with her.


This sentence is literally the whole story. I want to know the mindset of the author, because the way they wrote the classmates reaction feels weird. I'm not sure who would react the way they did in this situation.

Classmates initial reaction:


"We just saw your girlfriend go into a hotel with the school playboy while clinging to him. Are you going to break up with her or pretend like you didn't see and keep dating?"


Then they all go silent and look at him with weird faces when he gives a pretty predictable answer. For some reason they need MC's best friend to give them a breakdown on MC's personality before they can move on.

The weirdest is the class rep because they have a separate conversation once everyone leaves and she says one of the wildest lines you can say to someone in this situation and it's played straight in the story with nobody questioning it:


"Although things seemed to have settled earlier, Sasai-san [MC's gf] is also a classmate, and I’m wondering if it’s right to blame everything on her."


????????????? <<less
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