I’m About To Be Devoured By The Villain I Raised


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I was driven out of my family for failing to awaken spirit abilities.

While living in the underworld as an exile, I found a boy abandoned in the woods.

I was alright with naming the amnesiac child ‘Edell’ and becoming his temporary guardian, but…

“Well, I guess I have no choice but to kill you. You’ve seen my face, after all.”

It turns out, the child I found was the evil villain who had been executed by the protagonists of the original work two years ago!

I don’t know why he took on the appearance of a child, but—

“Sister Ciella, don’t abandon me.”

At the sight of Edell’s teary eyes and pitiful expression, I couldn’t bring myself to send him away or abandon him.

He’s still a child. If I teach and discipline him well before he regains his memory, he’ll become a good kid, right?

* * *

A man with hair as black as the night sky and eyes as mysterious as amethysts wore a rueful expression.

“Sister Ciella, I told you we’d get married when I grow up.”

Ah, I shouldn’t call you Sister anymore, right? What should I call you from now on?

He took my hand and pressed it against his cheek, a captivating smile appearing within his eyes.


Both ecstasy and madness were contained within those gently curved purple eyes.

“If you run away again, I’ll kill you.”

At this rate, I’m about to be devoured by the villain I raised.

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내가 키운 악당에게 잡아먹히게 생겼다
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