If We Don’t Get Married, The World Will End


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“Marry that despicable sorcerer? I’d rather defeat the Demon King!”

“You’re overreacting, you fool.”

…And that statement actually came true.

On the day she received her assignment as the first woman in the Special Forces Central Command, an absurd twist of fate paired her with Regan Clanford, someone she had an unfortunate history with back in the academy.

As if that wasn’t enough, a divine apparition suddenly appeared, making unbelievable claims!

“The child both of you will have is the hero who will save the world!”

What? I’m not a hero, and I’m supposed to be the ‘mom’ of the hero? And to make matters worse, Regan is the dad?

“I’d rather die than be with him! Instead of marrying that guy, I’ll save the world myself!”

* * *
[SceneLightingMaster: Why not lock them in a room so they can’t leave until after they did it?] [WritingBoss: In the temple… XX. This censorship is killing me… (*Blocked due to explicit content)]

“Hey, You say you are gods! Why is everyone so corrupt!?”

The Three Gods were determined to unite the two, by any means necessary.

[HighPerformanceSuctionCup: The mission location is an island? Let’s just sink the ship right now.] [SuckerFortent**les: Island means the sea, and the sea means… tent**les…!]

“Hey, Regan. Do you know how to swim? I’m going first!”


[CorruptedPowerWarrior: LOL, first time seeing someone swim for two hours because there’s no boat. LOL]

In a life-and-death struggle to break free from their fates, where will this insane confrontation lead the two?


“I will never accept any other man for you other than me.”

No, didn’t you say you would rather die than marry me? What’s gotten into you all of a sudden!

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결혼하지 않으면 세계가 멸망한다
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