I Want You To Be Widowed


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Yi Zhen opened his eyes to find himself in a completely foreign place.

The bed beneath him was a colossal one, as large as those found only in the most extravagant Haitang romance novels. Above his head hung a resplendent Italian chandelier. His body felt as though it had been scalded by a high fever, and his feet… oh, his feet were shackled by a golden chain.

What was going on?

Before he could even gather his thoughts, a male figure materialized before the bed, hovering in the air.

“Finally, you’re awake.” The pale and handsome man revealed a gentle smile as he gazed upon Yi Zhen with concern. “I thought you’d never beg me again, Sister-in-law.”

Rong Hongxue, a notorious character in the world of romance novels, was known far and wide as the cold and merciless brother-in-law, who lived only to exact revenge. In his unrestrained and eccentric nature, he held no regard for any sister-in-law.

Since taking control, he found great joy in reveling in his revenge and his reputation as a dutiful son in mourning. One day, on a whim, he decided to pay a visit to the delicate and captivating sister-in-law he had captured that fateful day when his own fortress was under siege. He had bested him in a flurry of attacks, leaving him coughing up blood.

**Ordinary Sisters-in-Law:** Their dignity and lives hung in the balance, powerless against their tyrannical brothers-in-law, they endured each day in silent misery, tears staining their faces.

**Extraordinary Sisters-in-Law:** Masters of disguise, skilled poisoners, capable of shooting down enemy airships from miles away with a single arrow, chewing on live scorpions without batting an eye.

**Ordinary Brothers-in-Law:** Relying on brute strength to bully the weak, worse than beasts, they dismissed societal morals as mere trifles.

**Extraordinary Brothers-in-Law:** Relying on brute strength to bully the weak, worse than beasts, they dismissed societal morals as mere trifles… but they hadn’t accounted for a sister-in-law who would raise her fists and give them a thorough beating.

**Reader’s Guide:**

The main storyline has been significantly revised, it’s no longer vulgar or absurd, but it’s still a feel-good read Set in a futuristic world, this time with a blend of ancient and cyberpunk themes;

Both the top and bottom are quite shameless, they’re far from normal;

**One-line synopsis:** I must strive to change this world of smut!

**Moral of the Story:** Cultivate a virtuous spirit and strive to be a noble soul.

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The Man Who Escaped from Haitang Market
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New TheLadyWhoLikesBoyLove rated it
May 5, 2024
Status: Completed
One if my favorite, could've enjoyed the novel more if all chapters were translated. I use mtl on Chinese sites cuz I need to finish reading this gem.

MC and ML are really unexpected, the story started where u will think this will be the typical mary sue and possessive story but no. This one has both strong headed leads and they really compliment each other in so many ways
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CoolPlane rated it
April 16, 2024
Status: Completed
Whoo-hoo, finally! One of my favorite recent danmei reads. A lovely romantic story with strong mc-strong ML setup that incorporates popular webnovel tropes and subverting them. Sticking all details into spoilers since I can't tell these days what is a spoiler.

... more>>

As stated in the synopsis, ML is the younger brother-in-law "robbing" his sister-in-law, a pretty well known set-up for smut hehehe, but with our transmigrated (not really) MC, it doesn't quite work out like that.

Our MC and ml's world, an interstellar-based one, is being invaded by world transmigrators and as the story progresses, you'll see MC and ML battling them to save the original world and unveil what had happened before the mc's transmigration.

Also to mention this ML is a solid a+ qualified ml. Yeah he's a bit crazy, obsessive and OP, and crazily devoted to our MC. You'll see the length he'd gone through to protect the MC and it's quite heartwarming to see them two crazies getting their HE.

The MC is also a pretty neat character, with balls of steel and a strong sense of discipline and drive to improve himself. Also reckless but with the skill to back it up. And their interactions are great, full of combative tension and hilarity with the ML trying to pull his Haitang brother-in-law routine and the MC not giving an inch.

Throw in some cool competition fights, mechas fighting space pirates, and wuxia assassination skills, and it's a very easy read that will keep you clicking on next chapter.


Highly recommend. And rottentledits is doing a great job with the translation, very readable while preserving the hilarity of the original text. <<less
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