I Thought I Tamed The Villain


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I met the him in an orphanage and approached him in order to not die since he’ll become the villain in the future.

“Iris, you’ll never leave me, right?”
“You’re the only one who calls my name properly and thinks I’m a good person.”
“I’ll keep all the promises I made with you, so can you not leave me?”

I unintentionally rehabilitated the villain too well! All that remains now is our own futures that has nothing to do with the novel. I thought I was moving toward a happy ending with a well-tamed villain.

Was it all my misunderstanding?

“How could you shoot a arrow as soon as you see me, Iris?”
“Are you going to kill me?”
“I’ve endured ten years of harsh torture only thinking about you.”

The man I thought I had tamed came back to me after 10 years. With my efforts overshadowed, he also became a perfect villain.

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악역을 길들인 줄 알았는데
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