I Sought the Villain But Ended Up with a Husband


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One day, after suddenly falling into the monster’s forest.

It’s been about two years since I befriended the monster and do something similar to a survival show.

After coincidentally saving an injured man, I realized that he was the villain from the novel I read.

So, the novel I read must have been the original story of a fantasy genre.

Therefore, from today, I am the protagonist!

With this, I’ll prevent the villain’s downfall ending,

And as for the villain’s sub-male lead son who falls for the original female lead and have the harem ending, let’s just snatch him right away!


The villain Grand Duke was raging with even deeper red eyes due to a curse.

Leciel shouted out a secret move she had become familiar with in order to calm the villain’s rage.

“Father! Pull yourself together!”

At that moment, the villain’s rage subsided.

Who would have known?

The key to calming the villain down was calling him ‘Father’.

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I Saved the Villain and Found a Husband
When I Saved the Black Curtain, My Husband was Born
흑막을 구했더니 남편이 생겨버렸다
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New eiramlord rated it
May 16, 2024
Status: c23
Cute story, I like their interaction, banter, and teasing. Good light read, I hope no heavy drama in the future chapters.
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