I Reincarnated as a Serf


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I worked my ass off and died, only to discover that I was in the household of a farmer in this other world.
But typically, isn’t it a universal rule to be reborn into a noble family

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I reincarnated as a peasant
전생했더니 농노였다
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serguis rated it
October 3, 2023
Status: c3
First 2 chapters :

    • At 30 he dies and is reincarnated,
    • He is reborn as a serf and leaves since many of his siblings (could) die (yes, this is it for the title...)
    • He can read so work for a noble and help a poor horphaned girl. The girl is send away to work for a noble.
    • He left when his boss family is ruined.
    • He become a village's hunter and get maried.
    • His wife become greedy so he leaves her and go away with the help of two people who own him a debt.

This novel is extremely bad. The story is uninteresting, the hero is boring, the world is completly empty (no description, no explaination, no interest), the storytelling is way way too rushed to finally not tell any fun/exciting/scary/whatever events, just boring things.

It's as if you asked someone to tell you their life story : "I went to school in X. Then I choose to do X because X. Then my parents died. Then I met my wife. Then we had kids. Then the divorce. Then I bought a house. Then I die." GG

Rather then reading this, you might as well sit in front of an blanc page and write a random story, I swear it will be more interesting.
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cosners rated it
October 15, 2023
Status: c5
Just wanted to chime in that after the rough expositional chapters, it turns into a relatively standard web novel story. Which, compared to some other stories on here, is very readable thanks to being chatGPT assisted. The translation accuracy is probably not the best and it does make weird mistakes but the grammar is pretty good.

Story wise, you can say that it's more about the MCs life as a veteran monster hunter turned mercenary who left his village because his arranged marriage is a sham. It's fairly passive in that... more>> things happen to the MC more so than he goes and makes the things happen, but so far it's been interesting enough as a way to kill time. <<less
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