I Promised to Make the Class Honor Student My ‘Little Sister’. It Seems She Wants to Be Spoiled a Lot


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When I ran away from home, I got a ‘little sister’, and she’s incredibly clingy.

“――Please dote on me, Onii-chan!”

Having run away from home due to a falling out with my father, I, Takato Ryuuki, was picked up by my classmate, Kakogawa Ao.

The ‘contract’ that I made with Ao was… to become part of her family and live together!?

“Onii-chan. There’s no one’s around, so let me recharge!”

Ao is an honor student at school, but she becomes super clingy to her “older brother”, me, at home.

Furthermore, there’s Ao’s younger sister, Kizuna, who usually seems languid but actually wants to challenge herself, and Ao’s cousin, Yukari, a popular teacher at school.

Gradually being increasingly adored by the three beautiful Kakogawa sisters… It’s a strange relationship, but every day is thrilling and fun?

They become a ‘family’ and love begins. A heartwarming cohabitation rom-com!

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Kurasu no yūtōsei o “imōto” ni suru yakusoku o shita. Dōyara ippai amaetai rashii.
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