I Became the Boyfriend of the School’s Madonna, Who Had Turned Down Numerous Confessions, but Somehow, Without Realizing It, I Wasn’t Just Playing a Role Anymore


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The school’s Madonna has filled the outer moat.

At Raito’s school, a confession is made every few days to Misaki, who is said to be the most popular girl in school.

It was inevitable that Misaki, with her cuteness that made everyone look back at her when they passed her in the street, and her kind and cheerful personality that made her popular with everyone, regardless of gender.

However, the most important thing about Misaki is that she is not interested in love and has no intention of going out with anyone.

Nevertheless, she was in trouble because she was getting confessions every few days.

Raito was annoyed by this, but he drew a line between himself, the unlikable one, and Misaki, the popular one, who lived in a different world.

A turning point occurs when the two, who normally would not have had a deep relationship, are forced to meet.

Raito, who was originally just taking his little sister to the festival at her request, finds himself in a situation where Misaki is being bothered by unwelcome attention.

To fend off troublesome men, Raito pretends to be Misaki’s boyfriend to navigate through the situation.

However, the scene is witnessed by other students at school, and word spreads quickly.

His younger sister is also convinced that Misaki is his girlfriend, and she asks him to be her boyfriend, so Raito becomes Misaki’s fake boyfriend.

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March 12, 2024
Status: c0
Dull and dense. So good premise, so poor in execution.

Up to a certain point, the whole thing was bearable, even quite acceptable, despite the established pattern. Even the hero SEEMED pretty composed.

But then it was time for misunderstandings, "I wonder why she's blushing" - overall density at the highest level.

I don't want to abandon it, but I had to vent my frustration [that's why I'm not adding a rating for now] and warn that the dense protagonist is not in the tags [although I'm just adding it], but it definitely... more>> appears in the content. <<less
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