1 Second Invincibility in the Game


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I found myself possessing the body of a young master who everyone was eager to kill. I’m invincible, so let them try to kill me. It’s only for one second, though.

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게임 속 1초 무적자
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2 Reviews

New LongXi
Jul 15, 2024
Status: --
It's in essence another misunderstanding novel, but the MC here is really useless, 1 sec passive invincibility with 60 sec cooldown, the invincibility includes a debuff cleanse. But that's it, he basically relies only on that skill and a talk-no-jutsu skill that gives noble temperament correction. The story doesn't even start lowkey, the MC is thrown right into an assassination plot and he must survive it all. Basically it's good, give it a try.
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New haanhaan
Jul 12, 2024
Status: --
1s invincibility quite OP imo xD

Maybe the MC can speed up his mind processing information and body movements in those 1s if there are multiple foes, hyperspeed throat slit in those 1s and escape while at it.

Well let see how this one going ig.

Edit : Wait after seeing the skill for real, it only literally 1s invincibility with no boost what so ever and only saying 'nullify any threat for 1s'... lol the MC need some serious gearing up in this case.
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