I Became a VTuber To Share the Delicious Food That I Discovered in the Dungeon With My Fan


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‘I had a chance to eat some dungeon food, and it was so good…’

The main character, who is the strongest explorer, debuts as a streamer for a small-to-medium-sized office and aims to serve food in off-collab with his fans, because his vtuber fans said so in a stream.

───In addition, it seems that the project has grown beyond the original plan and is becoming increasingly difficult to pull off in various aspects.

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Hibiki rated it
December 18, 2023
Status: c7
The Story is good.

At the first 3 chapter you might get uninterested because it mostly a monolog, but starting when he cook and eat, it starting to get fun because of the reaction of the others.

Definitely a good Read on the Go
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