I Became a Side Character in a Romantic Comedy Manga, and When I Tried to Assist the Protagonist, for Some Reason, the Heroines Liked Me


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One day, I woke up to find myself transformed into Tachibana Chihaya, a side character from the popular romantic comedy manga “I Can’t Stop Loving You!”

Chihaya is a bit of a cynic and not very well-liked in his class, but he’s known to be on good terms with the protagonist, Hiroto Takahashi.

Since I’ve become a character who’s disliked, all I can do is support the protagonist. I’m determined to stay in the shadows and support Hiroto’s love life, but―

For some reason, I’m getting along well with the main heroine, Riko Ayase, and I’m even receiving advances from other heroines― What’s going to happen to me…

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New Namaewa_ARV rated it
May 8, 2024
Status: c29
Surprisingly interesting. I thought it would be a one-dimensional one like the others in the same trope. But it does have its moments.
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Pandainbambooforest rated it
April 14, 2024
Status: --
It's a good story. But there seem to be constant changes in the scene that it feels like a script in a monotone way. If that problem is solved maybe it can get more star rating from others.

While I gave 3 star rating since I don't know how this story would go along with the fact that this is a recurring setting in nowadays 'I reincarnated as a side chara Or a mob-kun' where the MC would act that they didn't want to get involved while the sudden change of... more>> character and self intervention would give the same result and he would have a harem.

Of course there is a chance of real MC of this story (not the reincarnated one) might reveal herself as a girl or something like another reincarnator inside the MC.

So yeah, I will follow this novel and wait for further updates.

Thank you for your hardwork. Author and Translator-san. <<less
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