I Became a Serial K*ller in a Crazy Horror Movie


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I became a character in a horror movie drenched in blood and clichés. But as the role of a serial killer…?

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미친 공포영화 속 살인마가 되었다
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New Arbelius rated it
July 15, 2024
Status: c17
This is a good read, The MC transmigrated into the body of an axe serial killer in a horror movie that he watched when he was a child. The MC is having a journey with a blonde girl (the kind of girl that would always die first in a horror movie, but she is not s*upid in this novel though) in a horror movie that full of cliche horror movie trope. Accompanied with the 'Narrator', the story follows MC as he struggle to survive against the horror movies plot and... more>> trope, in a body of a serial killer with power almost similar to Jason Voorhees.

In a twist of fate though, the supposed 'Serial Killer' actually possessed the body of MC in the modern era (The horror movie setting that both the Serial Killer from and which the MC transmigrated into is somewhere on the 80's I kind of forgot, but definitely before CD invented I guess?) making it a body-swap. The first thing he do after possesing the MC's body is to kill a neighbor girl with CD, but backed away since she seems to be able to overwhelm him.

Plot twist, the neighbor girl is a yandere that has always been admiring the MC all along, and she is indeed pretty strong, the kind of strong that can subdue two delinquent college students and break a smoking booth glass.


Also another plot twist, the Serial Killer is actually have a pretty warm heart, everytime he tried to kill a being, he feels pity for them, just like how he tried to kill a stray poor cat, but ended up caring for the cat instead, the moment before the Serial Killer and the MC got body-swapped, was the moment he steeled himself to commit a real 'kill' having prepared everything, but failed because of the sudden body-swap. (A side note I forgot to mention: The Serial Killer has the tendency to kill a creature since he was a child, for some reason unknown.).

It's been a while since I last read the novel, so some details that I provided might not be accurate. I think you can taste it yourself then judge whether it's worth your time or not regardless of other's reviews, but for me it's pretty good, the suspense and mysteries are pretty decent, not the best. But a good kill time. The characters are not all 2 Dimensional/flat at all, read it yourself. I think you can only hate or like the romance in this novel though, nothing in between, but that's just my opinion. <<less
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Novel binger
New Novel binger rated it
June 22, 2024
Status: c18
This is a horror themed body swap novel with a horror fanatic and an axe mu*derer (would be mu*derer since he states he never kills anyone, but often a talks big game about how he loves the idea of it and even attempts to mu*der someone from the start but backs off since the woman is bigger than him which is really s*upid, in fact, just set up your character as a wannabe cowardly mu*derer in the first place and it would be easier to digest). The mu*derer is also... more>> acting like an 8th grader in that he'll constantly say he will kill someone but find any reason on earth not to.

The horror parts are brainless and the "CUT" chapters depicting the rom-com style life of the so called mu*derer is ridiculous. I would love it if the author mentions his changed state of mind or slowly integrated some character development for the mu*derer, but no, it's a gag comedy styled reverse domination for the mu*derer in a horror novel, the axe mu*derer, who should be devoid of such emotions, even cries about being put in a scary postion and talks like a young, weak man (cause he's in the body of a young, weak man his mentality becomes as such? Then why isn't the MC suddenly a psychopathic mu*derer after he crosses, instead his mentality stays as a normal and rightous young man throughout).

I guess it's meant to be a break in between the horror but the horror is not even scary, it's mostly action and also kinda s*upid cause the MC will constantly say "this is a cliché and something bad will happen" and then just do it and say "I knew it" afterwards. It's ungratifying and I wish he never talked about the cliché in the first place if he's just gonna go ahead with it anyways and not even talk about finding a different solution or just discussing the issue with the parties involved. Nope, just do it.

If you are younger you might enjoy this, I can see myself enjoying this if I was a teenager, it's also really light horror so it won't scare you either. Every important character in the novel basically has a teenage/young mentality and every other character is either a gag character with stereotypes or bland or both.


There is a psychiatrist in the story who, as soon as introduced, is depicted as a proud and arrogant person, jumps to conclusions and diagnoses the MC on 1 question. The final diagnoses he arrived to is that the MC is over compensation for his small weiner with his large build, to which the MC starts describing it being extremely large in his thoughts. Afterwards, the so called psychiatrist starts comparing sizes, saying his is bigger and asks the MC to show his to him, vehemently at that, even after being hit and thrown out of the house (where he lowers his pants and shows his first and asks the MC to show his to which the MC describes it as small in his thoughts, so this is literally a random d*ck measuring competition out of nowhere just to let the readers know the MC is packing). Was this a psycho maybe for an upcoming story? Nope, just setting up a character to hate cause the MC essentially causes his death seconds later and you won't feel too bad cause he's a crazy psycho pe*verted psychiatrist. I started rooting for the monsters at some point. If the author knew anything about psychiatrists, or normal people, and stopped using excuses like, it's a trope in horror movies to set up dumb characters, this would be easier to read.

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Daniel de Camargo e silva
Daniel de Camargo e silva rated it
May 16, 2024
Status: c43
I really liked it, I loved the plot, I thought the story was incredible and interesting, I liked the main character and his heroines the mother and daughter a lot, I really liked them and their personalities and development. The protagonist's personality is incredible, I highly recommend it
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BigBadBoi rated it
June 13, 2024
Status: c63
I'm having a blast reading this lmao. It's both horror and a parody.

We have MC possessing the buff serial killer's body getting into horror scenarios with Nancy (blonde girl in cover) and her mom Ellen (the brunette) with wacky side characters joining in.

Then we have the self proclaimed serial killer (that never killed anyone) stuck in MCs frail shota body getting into horror scenarios with the MCs yandere stalker and film obsessed club president.

It's both fun and hilarious. There is a serious story here like the reason they got bodyswapped... more>> but I'll let you read it for yourself.


They tortured a witch by making her watch an Uwe Boll film. Peak writing lmao.

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