I Am the King of the Underworld


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It’s been ten years since I was transferred to this world.

Even though it’s been less time than I’ve lived, I’ve experienced more than I ever did in my lifetime…

I became the King of this Realm.

[Attention to the first transmigrators. The second transmigration has begun.]

And after ten years since the transmigration, the system that brought us here notified us of the second transmigration…

“Wow, is this really a game? It feels so real.”

“This is insane. A virtual reality game? I never thought something like this would come out while I’m still alive.”

“Yes, ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to the real virtual reality game, [Heleneas]. Please pay the entrance fee, everyone!”


Those who came from my hometown, perceiving this world as a game, have entered.

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나는 명계의 왕이다
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