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Having an outstanding tutor was the bare minimum of a good teaching environment.

This was the fundamental reason behind Di Lin choosing Saint Padeus’ Magic Institution.

But only after entering the school did he realise—

His imagination was too perfect, while reality was too disastrous. Friends were scarce, and the tutor was difficult to deal with.

The saying Di Lin passed down to later generations: “My glorious times… started from remaining silent.”

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YellowNoodle rated it
September 16, 2019
Status: --
I've read up to I think about chapter 10 or 14 (not sure because the format on the raws on the website is different)

Anyways, this is definitely a slow burn love and the politics between the two countries is quite good.

I also jumped around to when both the MC and ML developed their relationship and I have to say I am completely satisfied.

This novel is very good and I feel like the writing are similar to god level summoner. Not the storylune per se but how everything unfolds. Basically... more>> if you liked god level summoner, the legendary masters wife, or anything similar to those you may like this story.


P.s. I've always had an inkling that Di Lin is the gong but when the bed scene happened he was the bottom. And then Di Lin said, "I will be the top."

Hyde raised his brow, "If you can win against me in magic then you can be the top."

Little did he know this line allowed Di Lin to become unmatched in his magic.

Me: *cackles*

Aye the equality in their relationship. It makes me happy there's no set position. It's basically s*x and enjoying the pleasure. But Hyde said that because Di Lin obviously wants to top his instructor (Even though Hyde doesn't mind whatever position he's in)



Enjoi <<less
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