Himegi-san a Bride from the Future Begs Me to Confess My Love to Her Again


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『Sorry. I can’t respond to your feelings——』

The day I first set foot in this school, I saw Himegi-san and instantly felt what many describe as ‘love at first sight.’

Being in the same class as her, getting excited, getting carried away by my emotions, writing a love letter without much thought, calling her out to the empty classroom after school——and as expected, only to be rejected within a mere ten seconds.

Looking back now, what chances did I really think I had?

As I returned home with a heavy heart, I was greeted by a sight I couldn’t believe——Touka Himegi in a wedding dress!

To my surprise, she claimed to be Himegi-san from six years into the future, and in that timeline, she was my wife.

She apparently has some kind of purpose coming to this timeline——

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Mirai Kara Kita Hanayome no Himegi-san ga, Mata Ai no Kokuhaku wo Shite Toune Dari Shite Kimasu
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